Conan Exiles Bosses In Order (2023)

Conan Exile is a beautiful game with wonderful foliage, wild creatures, and deadly bosses. Exploring new areas and dungeons is extremely important as it provides resources, but sometimes, you encounter bosses that will plump you down to the ground.

It’s not that difficult if you have high-stat weapons and armors. But bosses will always give you a challenging fight, so the victory of finally defeating the boss becomes a sweet pleasure.

The three skulls determine bosses’ difficulty right between their health bar. We will give you the list of bosses with three skulls because they are more powerful than any other creatures in exile lands.

Conan Exiles bosses in order

Below is the list of bosses that you will encounter while exploring through dungeons. However, they can also be found roaming around the surface of exile lands, but they are rare and random in order. Conversely, the dungeon prepares you by letting you fight some mini-boss and the final boss.

The setting and the ambiance inside the dungeon are dark and grim, sometimes allowing you just enough to see the boss. Nevertheless, here are every three skull difficult bosses of Conan Exiles in order.

Undead Dragon

Conan Exiles Bosses In Order (1)

You can find Undead Dragon in the sandpit of the Arena among all the fallen combatants. Among all the undead creatures, including the legendary giant snakes, you will encounter the Undead Dragon. One of the strongest dragons that used to roam the land of exile now remains grounded with nothing but bones, but still, the beast can pull a tough battle if you’re not careful enough.

The beast uses fire breath that hits hard on contact. It also uses a headbutt and has a high knockback if you get hit. Killing the Undead Dragon will give you the achievement of Destroy a Dragon. After killing the creature, you will obtain the Star of the Champion that is required for the main quest line.

The King Beneath

Conan Exiles Bosses In Order (2)

If you reach The Barrow King cave, you will meet the demise king lurking in the caves underground, seeking his former glory and destroying anything that comes in his way. He is also known as the Priestking as he was the king of Triumvirate when he was alive.

His weapon of choice is a sword and just as other players do. One thing to remember is that his sword has a wide range, so dodging back will land you a hit that will decrease a massive amount of health. Instead, use your shield and attack him from behind.

Upon defeating King Beneath, you can harvest his body for Demon Blood. The king also drops bones, Thick Hide, and the Diadem of the kings.

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Conan Exiles Bosses In Order (3)

Feast on the flesh is a decent boss you will find in the middle of Bin Yakin’s Seal. The beast can be identified by its black figure and glowing eyes. It’s not hard defeating this boss, but there will be less visibility inside the cave, so be on the lookout and not get cornered by the beast.

You can harvest its dead body for Black Blood. It will drop a Skeleton Key that will help open the Legendary chest you will find in the next chamber if you head towards the east of the cave.

The Kinscourge

Conan Exiles Bosses In Order (4)

He is also called Tyros the Deathbringer, the last boss you will encounter in the Black Keep. He is slow, but his consistent attack might break your focus. Plus, he also has ranged magical attacks. After dodging and attacking several times, it’s satisfying to finally defeat him. After killing him, you will achieve the progression “Defeat the Kinscourge” in the Exiles Journey.

He will drop Bone, Heart of the Kincourge, Tears of Two Races, and a weathered skull.

Abysmal Remnant

Conan Exiles Bosses In Order (5)

You will encounter a giant serpent-like beast at the bottom of The Dregs. You can see it swimming in the acid pool after you follow its voice, getting closer. It will bite you if you get any closer to the pool and spit acid if you are out of range.

Eventually, the creature will slam its body out of the pool. This will give you enough time to attack while it helplessly tries to get inside the pool. Using a short but quick attack will decrease its health fast enough. You can also apply bleed on your weapon to gradually build up damage.

Just keep running in circles and wait for the beast to jump out of the pool, and you will defeat the Abysmal Remnant in no time.

After killing the Abysmal Remnant, it will drop Abysmal Eye, Abysmal Fang, Abysmal Flesh, and Reptile Hide.

Valis the Loyal

Conan Exiles Bosses In Order (6)

He is the worshiper of ape God inspired by the same Hindu God name Hanuman from the epic tale of Ramayana. You can find the worshiper at the shrine of Hanuman’s Grotto. While fighting him, you might get distracted by another ghostly figure worshiping the ape statue.

He uses a trident as a spear when you get close to him. Although he has no magical powers, his trident can hit heavy. Watch Out for your health as it might deplete faster than you think. The fight might get tough as the area is smaller for long-range battles, but you can always swim to the other side for quick healing. Don’t get too far, or else he will completely heal himself.

He will drop Withered Heart after death, and you can offer it to Hanuman Statue to obtain Boon of the Gorilla.


Fiend of Jhil

Conan Exiles Bosses In Order (7)

One of the lower variants of Child of Jhil is also known as Crowman. Although its attacks are light to medium, Fiend of Jhil encapsulates a large amount of health, so aggressively attacking while getting less hot is the way to go. You will encounter this foul creature in the dark depths of Jhil’s Roost.

Upon killing the creature, it will drop weapons such as Act of Violence dual-edge axe, Unwelcome Gift shield, and Hollowbone Bow.

The Tortured King

Conan Exiles Bosses In Order (8)

You can find him in the interior chambers of King’s Niche, A structure that is built on a sandstone cliff. The king is pretty slow and will try to stab you with his spear. You can block his attack and stagger him for a second, giving you time to land one or two hits.

The boss has a lot of health, so defeating him might take a while. Upon killing Torture king, he will drop the Skeleton key for the legendary chest nearby and other items such as Putrid meat, demon blood, bone, and infused wraps.


Conan Exiles Bosses In Order (9)

It’s another child of Jill, although quite larger than other bosses. Jill variants are usually found in dark caves, and Shrouded by darkness lives in the darkest of them beneath the Lockstone Cave.

It’s fast, hits hard, and has minions lying around, but nothing tops the darkness that almost completely lowers the visibility. Make sure to bring warm clothes.

Upon defeating this demon, it will drop fragments of power, the scroll of ammunition, and the skeleton key.

Brother of the Night, Moon, Mists, and Blood

Conan Exiles Bosses In Order (10)

These four brothers can be found in the different parts of Midnight Grove. While Brother of Night and Moon is a bore and ape with more hp and attacks like regular enemies, Brother of Mists and Blood is a different story.

We have a bull on a lower platform where we must drop down to fight the Brother of mist. He uses a headbutt charge that causes heavy damage, but the shield can block the attack.

Brother of blood is a Werewolf who is also called Impisi. His attacks are so fast that you won’t have time to dodge, so players are recommended to use shields during fights. Upon his death, he will drop feral flesh, the flesh of remembrance, shade bloom, and wolf pelt. Consuming the flesh of remembrance will unlock the ancient language of Jhebbal Sag that provides knowledge about the religious items.

The Witch Queen

Conan Exiles Bosses In Order (11)

She will be at the Palace of the Witch Queen waiting for you. As a worshiper of Lemurians God Dagon, she is said to be the ancient ruler of Lemuria.

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She has a pretty high-hitting damage combo, but you can break her combo with a heavy attack. The heavy attack will also stagger her to lose her attack. Bringing your pet or thrall that hits heavy is always a plus point if you struggle to defeat her.

After you defeat her, you can get the Key of Ramza’s Quarters and the Mask of the Witch queen.

Ancient Scorpion Queen And Scorpion King.

Conan Exiles Bosses In Order (12)

Between the Jawbone and Rhino Horn ridge, you will find a silvermine cave. Head into the silver mine cave until you reach the green-lit door. The boss has a high amount of health and armor, so it will take time to kill this boss.

The boss is not that hard to beat due to his predictable attacks. You just have to stay away from her huge claws. She does a high amount of damage if you get caught in her attacks.

The loot you get from defeating Ancient Scorpion will drop the Scorpion Ward shield, and harvesting the body will give you Feral flesh, Ichor, Scorpion Queen Venom Glands, or Fragment of Power.

The End of All Hope

Conan Exiles Bosses In Order (13)

The end of all hope is a giant spider that you will find in Skittering Cavern. The creature uses its front claw and jumps and attacks you from a distance. All his attacks have poison damage, so make sure to heal more often.

Upon defeating the spider, it will drop the skeleton key that will help to open the legendary chest that the spider was guarding.

Hrungnir of the Frost

Conan Exiles Bosses In Order (14)

At the throne room of the Temple of Frost, you can find him waiting to fight, but before that, you have to fight several other frost giants guarding his entrance, or you can just head inside, totally ignoring them.

He uses a double axe and charges the axe to slam the ice-cold to the ground dealing massive amounts of damage if you get hit. He also has two giants on the left and right side that will come to attack as you get closer to the boss.

Defeating him will complete the Journey Step “Defeat Hrungnir of the frost.” He will drop black Ice and thick hide.

White Dragon

Conan Exiles Bosses In Order (15)

White Dragon is a fierce beast roaming around the snow lands of exile. You can encounter him in the Temple of Frost but make sure to bring on warm clothes before entering.

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He has a fire breathing attack and a spinning tail attack, so you want to keep a distance from the dragon. Bringing Thralls is always useful to create a distraction while you can attack from behind but make sure to heal your thralls.

Upon defeating the white dragon, you can harvest its body for demon blood, dragonbone, dragonhorn, brimstone, volatile gland, and exotic flesh.

Champion of the Warmaker

Conan Exiles Bosses In Order (16)

Champion of the warmaker will be waiting for you at the end arena of the Warmaker’s Sanctuary dungeon. His attacks are fast and deal heavy damage along with sunder status effects. His consistent attacks grow more aggressive during the fight phase, which can be noticed by his physical growth and increased health.

With too much armor in his body, he drops armor scraps upon defeat and also has a high chance of dropping the Destroyer mace or Carnage sword.

The Degenerate

Conan Exiles Bosses In Order (17)

At the well of Skelos, there is a boss sitting in the throne room. The Degenerate is the last survival serpent of the pureblood. He will shield himself and summon his minions to the Arena.

The barrier will vanish after sometimes dealing with his minions. You can fight him after the barrier vanishes completely.

Upon defeating The Degenerate, you will complete the Journey Step “Destroy whatever dwells at the heart of the volcano.” The boss will drop claws, fang, Feral flesh, reptile hide, and the Shining Trapezohedron.

Demon Spider

Conan Exiles Bosses In Order (18)

He is a huge spider-like creature with the torso of a human. He can be found in four places around the exile land. Weaver’s Hollow, Wreck of the Martyr, Spinner’s Ridge, and Wine Cellar dungeon.

He has a short-range attack that inflicts poison on contact. There will also be a number of small spiders that will distract you during the fight. Killing the boss will drop the skeleton key, Demon Blood, Feral Flesh, Gossamer, Brimstone, Chitin, and Ichor.


Conan Exiles Bosses In Order (19)

He is the final boss you will fight in the wine cellar dungeon and probably the game’s final boss. You have to light up six campfires circling around the Arena. Once all the campfire is burned with blue fire, it will summon the boss.

The boss has different phases. When he teleports to the middle of the room, he uses his lightning to bring out spikes from the ground. However, the spikes only appear in the light areas, and players can ignore them by staying in the shadow. He also summons a number of weights that will distract you from attacking the boss. It’s one of the hardest bosses, so bringing Thralls with you and a healing arrow is recommended.

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Upon killing the boss, he will drop Scrolls of Khari and also has a high chance of dropping the hammer of Thang, Mace of Thang, or Scythe of Thang.


Can you tame bosses in Conan Exiles? ›

It can spawn both randomly and in the same dedicated locations of the open map and can often be looted or harvested for better resources than their normal counterparts. They cannot be converted into a Pet or Thrall.

Where are all the bosses in Conan Exiles? ›

1 Dungeon Bosses (in order of appearance)
  1. 1.1 The Arena.
  2. 1.2 The Barrow King Cave.
  3. 1.3 Bin-Yakin's Seal.
  4. 1.4 The Black Keep.
  5. 1.5 The Dregs.
  6. 1.6 Hanuman's Grotto.
  7. 1.7 Jhil's Roost.
  8. 1.8 King's Niche.

Can you get snakes in Conan Exiles? ›

Location. In the Exiled Lands, there are at least two Giant Snakes that can be found: One is located in the ground-level entrance to The Arena. One is located in the back of the Citadel of the Triumvirate in The Unnamed City.


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