Conferences in the Church Life in 2021 (2023)

Conferences in the Church Life in 2021 (1)

Death cannot hold the resurrection life! Even though the COVID-19 pandemic hit hard all around the world, even though there are lockdowns and travel restrictions, and even though outwardly speaking we can’t meet physically, nothing can stop the church life! Nothing can stop the saints from meeting together, enjoying the Lord together, and feasting on the Lord together!

Thanks to zoom and other online communications platforms, we continue to meet, blend, and enjoy the Lord. And even more, now we can attend meetings, conferences, trainings, and many kinds of get-togethers to be encouraged, supplied, edified, and built up. Here are some of the conferences – both locally, nationally, and internationally – and trainings for year 2021:

2021 Conferences and Feasts in the Church Life



Video training on the 2020 Winter Training; topic: Crystallization-study of Job, Proverbs, and Ecclesiastes.


13-14 February 2021 – Online International Chinese-speaking Conference

The 2021 ICSC was held online via zoom.

Topic: The Intrinsic and Organic Building Up of the Church as the Body of Christ.

12-16 February 2021 – Brazil National Conference

Topic: The Ministry of Reconciliation


Conferences in the Church Life in 2021 (2)

26-28 March 2021 – Spring University Conference Online

This spring university conference in Europe will be held online. Registration via
Topic: The Kingdom of the Son of His Love
Who is It For? It is for students, young adults, and those who want to serve this age group from Europe and the Middle East. There will also be translation from English to all the following languages: German, French, Spanish, Polish, Russian and Italian.
Where Will It Take Place? Online (Zoom)
Is There a Registration Fee? No, this conference is free!
Registration Deadline: 15 March 2021

(Video) The Need for a Church | Dallin H. Oaks | October 2021 General Conference

Meeting 1 – The Reality of the Kingdom of the Heavens – The Expansion of Christ the King
Meeting 2 – Living in the Kingdom of the Son of God’s Love as the Reality of the Church
Meeting 3 – Living the Kingdom Life by Taking Care of Others according to the Spirit and by Forgiving Others as the Lord Has Forgiven Us
Meeting 4 – Loving the Lord’s Appearing, Living under God’s Heavenly Rule, and Preaching the Gospel of the Kingdom


2-4 April 2021 – London International Blending Conference

London International Blending Conference Online 2021 – The conference is one of the two main European conferences, usually being held in London (UK), and this year it will be held online again. Registration can be done here.

16-18 April 2021 – International Training for Elders and Responsible Ones

The 2021 Spring ITERO will be held online (LSM ITERO Webcast).

Conferences in the Church Life in 2021 (3)

23-25 April 2021 – French Speaking Conference in Paris

Conférence Francophone 2021 – 23 au 25 avril 2021 – registration via, L’eglise de Paris, here.

30 April – 2 May 2021 – Spring Central and Eastern Europe and Balkans Blending Conference

During the weekend of 30 April 2021 – 2 May 2021 there is the 2021 Spring Central and Eastern Europe and Balkans Blending Conference. It will be held online.


28-31 May 2021 – International Memorial Day Weekend Conference

The Memorial Day Weekend conference will be held online.



5-10 July 2021 – July Semi-Annual Training

It will be held Online (LSM Training Webcast) or Anaheim, CA, if it is safe to meet.


2021 European Young People’s Conference

This year the “Poland Camp” – the European Young People’s Conference which used to be held in Poland – is held locally all over Europe, and there is a list of dates and locations for the saints who coordinate it. There will also be an online component and some activities and videos to be recorded. Details and registration data via YP

(Video) Church Live Streaming Setup 2022 | Best Cameras, Switcher, Software, and Multi-Streaming Platforms

29-30 August 2021 – International Blending Conference in UK

Topic: Crucial Experiences in the Practice of the Church Life.
Listen to the messages and download them via the Amana Trust website here.

Message 1: Aspects of the Church Life as a Living in the Body of Christ, the One New Man
Message 2: Our Soul Being Subdued and Saturated with Christ as the Spirit
Message 3: A Church Life in the Inward Parts of Christ Jesus
Message 4: The Central Work of God and Christ Being Released from the Imprisonment of the Soul


24-26 September 2021 – Autumn CEEB Blending Conference

This is the Autumn Central and Eastern Europe Blending Conference. Topic: The All-inclusive, Extensive Christ replacing Culture for the One New Man.
You can listen to the messages and download the outlines online via the Churches CEEB website here, and watch/listen to the special fellowship here.


7-9 October 2021 – International Training for Elders and Responsible Ones

The fall ITERO was held online (LSM ITERO Webcast).

29-31 October 2021 – International Blending Conference in Baarlo

Conferences in the Church Life in 2021 (4)This year’s conference will take place online and will consist of four meetings from Friday, 29 October to Lord’s Day, 31 October.

Praise the Lord for the 2021 Baarlo Conference held online via zoom! There were 1508 saints who registered from 53 countries from all around the world. Hallelujah!

General topic: Living in the Reality of the Kingdom of God

Msg. 1 Living under the Direct Rule of God by the Intuition of Our Spirit according to the Sense of Life
Msg. 2 Transferred out of Darkness into Light to Live in the Kingdom of God as the Shining of the Reality of the Lord Jesus
Msg. 3 Living in the Kingdom of God as the Realm of the Divine Species
Msg. 4 The Kingdom and the Church

(Video) Gateway Church Live | “I See It Now” by Dr. Dharius Daniels | January 9

Download and listen to the messages given during this conference via this link in Bulgarian, Chinese, Czech-Slovak, English, Farsi, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Serbo-Croatian, and Spanish.


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5-7 November 2021 – California College Conference – Choose God!

Dear saints, we would like to invite all of the college students in California to join us for our Fall 2021 College conference!! Our conference title is “Choose God!” and is based on the book of Ruth. The conference will be held online Nov 5-7.

Ruth. 1:16b Your people will be my people, and your God will be my God.

19-21 November 2021 – Fall University Conference in UK

Conferences in the Church Life in 2021 (5)

Praise the Lord, this fall uni conference will be in-person!
Location: Quinta, Oswestry, Shropshire, SY10 7LR, UK
When: 19-21 November 2021
Who: Senior YP (Year 13), University Students, Recent Graduates, young adults, and any others burdened to serve this age group
Subject: Acts – the Continuation of Christ
“Proclaiming the kingdom of God and teaching the things concerning the Lord Jesus Christ with all boldness, unhindered.” – Acts 28:31
Message 1 – The Intrinsic Significance of the Book of Acts
Message 2 – The Heavenly Vision and Vanquishing Conversion of the Apostle Paul
Message 3 – The Continuation of the Book of Acts—Living in the Divine History within Human History
Message 4 – Prayer, the Spirit, the Word, and the Homes in the Book of Acts
AUC 2021 Special Fellowship
Watch the videos for these messages via this link.

25-28 November 2021 – International Thanksgiving Weekend Conference

The 2021 Thanksgiving Conference will be held online (LSM Conference Webcast).


3-5 December 2021 – The Iberian Peninsula Conference 2021 (in person)

(Conferencia en la Península Ibérica 2021)
We are pleased to announce that this year’s Iberian Peninsula Conference will be held in person in Torremolinos (Málaga), Spain. We warmly invite all the saints to join us for this time of receiving God’s word and blessing.

(Video) A Jesus Church | Michael Koulianos | Jesus Image Pastors Conference

The first meeting will begin on Friday the 3rd of December at 7pm, and the last meeting will finish on Lord’s day the 5th of December at 1pm.

The conference will be held at Hotel Meliá Costa del Sol, Bajondillo 11, Paseo Marítimo, 29620, Torremolinos. Accommodation arranged for the conference will be at the same hotel. The deadline for both registration and accommodation is the 31st of October. Please see the details below for further information.

Full details and registration via La OBRA MSPI website here.

24 – 26 December 2021 – 2021 East and West Africa Blending Conference\Conférence de mélange des saints d’Afrique de l’Est\Ouest via zoom

Topic: Meeting God’s Need and Present Needs in the Lord’s Recovery (God’s Need in the Present Age, The Need to Develop Our Faith in the Lord and Our Love for Him; Our Need to Walk in Newness of Life, to Serve in Newness of Spirit, and to Be Renewed in Our Inner Man Day by Day; Our Need to Labor on the All-inclusive Christ to Have the Produce to Exhibit Christ in the Church and to Have a Surplus of Christ to Bring to the Church Meetings for the Corporate Worship of God Our Father)

Details and link: here.

20-25 December 2021 – December Semi-Annual Training

The 2021 winter training – held online, via zoom.
Topic: Crystallization-study of 1 & 2 Samue.

A list of the events and blending meetings in the church life – for the European saints – is via Amana Trust, and the calendar for the seven yearly feasts can be found via LSM.


1. MFM Television
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2. Gateway Church Live | “Make the Break” by Charlotte Gambill | January 12
3. Grace Revolution (Full Sermon) | Live at Lakewood Church | Joseph Prince
(Joseph Prince)
4. Gateway Church Live | “He Provides” by Pastor Robert Morris | January 9
5. 10/20/2022 | Winds Conference 2022 | Thursday Morning Service
(Eastwind Pentecostal Church of Palm Bay, Florida)
6. First Church Truth of God Broadcast 1689-1691July 24th, 2022, Sunday AM Live from HQ Campus Site.
(First Church Truth of God Broadcast)
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