CONFESSION and PENANCE is for bad, Catholic sinners. This is a nasty, humiliating religious ritual when Catholicsconfess their sins to a priest. Worse, this ritual is forced on children aged six or seven as part of their initiation into the cult in preparation for them making their First Holy Communinion which is when they are turned into little cannibals by being coerced into eating a white circular wafer in the belief that it has been turned into the body and blood of Christ who, they are told sacrificed himself for them – horrible little sinners. Grueseome.

In preparation for making their first confession they are told what sin is. SIN=the bad things they have done=Catholic guilt. The nuns and priests tell them what constitutes sin from a list- swearing, telling fibs, nicking sweets/biscuits, sticking their tongue out people etc. Then when they have a list of sins ready they will go to the priest where he is waiting for them in a CONFESSION BOX = the place where the confessions are extracted and where the punishment is meted out.

This is a clip from a wonderful animated video which uses the voices recorded on tape of children in the 60s found in a school in Dublin.

Give Up Yer Aul Sins – Oscar Nominated Irish Short Film – YouTube

Then when a child is about seven that is when they are forced to learn the CATECHISM which contains THE TEN COMMANDMENTS which form the basis of the lists of sins. There is some reference to this in the bible “Suffer little children to come unto me”. This is the indoctrination manual used in preparation for making their FIRST CONFESSION AND FIRST HOLY COMMUNION. You would have a hard job to try and explain all this to an E T. They get the scary nuns to do it and children have to learn big, strange words, many of Latin origin. There are a lot of words beginning with con and com.


A Confession box, as I remember them, was like a very large wardrobe with three compartments. The priest sat in the middle one and the sinners went into the dark, unlit cubicles on either side- one queueing up while the other underwent the confession and received the PENANCE. To a seven year old a priest was a strange man in a frock, often with bad breadth.. We had learnt that god was the ONE who could see us all the time and was spying on us and knew our SINS and was like a dirty old perv watching from up above in his home in HEAVEN and the priest was the live, scary bogeyman here on earth.

(Video) Sacraments 101: Penance (why we confess)

It was the Ist and 2nd COMMANDMENT that that got me turned into an atheist and a heretic because it prompted me to tell god to Feck off for spying on us all even when we were in the toilet with our knickers down. And that was supposed to be one of the worst sins for children because we weren’t likely to go in for killing, and coveting our neighbours wife or ox or committing adultery which is, of course, only for adults. I can’t even remember the made-up sins I confessed to for which I had to say Haily Mary’s and Holy Mary’s. But you just had to fess up because you weren’t allowed to go to confession unless you had sins.

This website tells you all about CONFESSION and PENANCE.CATHOLICENCYCLOPEDIA: The Sacrament of Penance

Penance is a sacrament of the New Law instituted by Christ in which forgiveness of sins committed after baptism is granted through the priest’s absolution to those who with true sorrow confess their sins and promise to satisfy for the same.

Penance is not a mere human invention devised by the Church to secure power over consciences or to relieve the emotional strain of troubled souls; it is the ordinary means appointed by Christ for the remission of sin.

This website WikiHow tells you how to make a GOOD confession: How to Make a Good Confession in the Catholic Church: 5 steps


  1. Make an examination of conscience. Think about what you have done wrong, and why it is wrong. Consider the pain you put God through in committing that sin, and that because of that sin Jesus suffered all the more on the cross. For this, obviously, you should be sorry, and being truly sorry is a necessary component of a good Confession.

    • Keep in mind that you do not need to confess every single sin you have committed. Focus on the main sins that are separating you from God, namely, mortal sins. The distinction between mortal sins and venial sins may be found in this section of the Catechism of the Catholic Church.
  2. 2

    Pray often before a Confession, that you may be honest and repentant. Say a prayer to the Holy Spirit to guide you and help you remember and feel true contrition for your sins. Perhaps something like: “Come Holy Spirit, enlighten my mind that I may clearly know my sins, touch my heart that I may be sorry for them, and better my life. Amen.”

    • (In the Latin Rite) *Make the sign of the cross, saying, “Bless me, Father, for I have sinned” and tell him how long it has been since your last confession.
    • (In the Byzantine Rite) Kneel facing the Icon of Christ, the priest will be seated at your side and may place his epitrachelion on your head. He may also wait to do this until the Prayer of Absolution. Do not be concerned either way.
    • (In other Eastern Churches) Forms may vary.
    • Tell him your sins (including how many times you committed them). Go in order from most grave to the least. Do not omit any unconfessed mortal sins that you can remember.
    • When you are finished, the priest will often offer you counsel on how you can avoid sin in the future. Afterward, he will ask you to make an Act of Contrition. This must be performed sincerely, truly meaning what you say. If you don’t know the words, write them down or ask the priest to help you.
    • Expect the priest to recommend penance after he offers absolution for your sins. Perform your penance as soon as possible.
  3. Leave feeling better about yourself and living in the light of God’s forgiveness .———————————————————————————————————————————————————————

I found this interesting piece about Paddy Power bookmakers.Paddy Power sponsors confession box in Catholic church | Mail Online

Catholic church confession box has been sponsored by a bookie.

(Video) Penance and Anointing w/ Fr. Gregory Pine, O.P. (Aquinas 101)

Paddy Power, the Irish betting firm, has paid £10,000 in the deal with Our Lady & St Etheldreda Church in Newmarket, Suffolk, after being approached by its fundraising committee.

Newmarket is widely regarded as the home of British horse-racing.

CONFESSION and PENANCE. (5)Confession time: Paddy Power holds the door as jockey Frankie Dettori kneels inside the sponsored ‘sin bin’ at Our Lady & St Etheldreda church, Newmarket

Paddy Power spokesman Ken Robertson told Mail Online: ‘It was just before Christmas when we got an unsolicited call from a man on the fundraising committee at the church.

‘He said Newmarket was the home of flat-racing in Britain and he asked would we sponsor an event to help pay for a new confession box .

‘I half-jokingly floated the idea that if we paid for the confession box could we put our name to it – and he spoke to the priest, who was well up for it.’

The box, which has green curtains branded with Paddy Power’s logo and the words ‘Sin Bin’ on the outside, was officially opened yesterday by jockey Frankie Dettori.

The Italian rider was married in the church, and was the first to say confession there yesterday.

Mr Robertson said he saw no issue with a betting firm sponsoring a Catholic confession box.

‘There has been a temporary confession box there since the church was built in the 1960s,’ he said.

‘The church approached us – and at the end of the day, Newmarket church now has a confession box, which they wouldn’t have had.’

(Video) Debate: Confession and Penance (Walter Martin vs Mitch Pacwa)

CONFESSION and PENANCE. (6)Deal: Mr Dettori pulls back the Paddy Power-sponsored curtains of the confession box. The Italian jockey was married at the church

All the gambling sites were excited. Catholic Confessions, How Bizarre Paddy Power Sin Bin: First Confessional Box Sponsorship

Paddy Power sponsors Catholic church confession box – Latest A Concord Pastor Comments: You can’t make this stuff up!

There you have it . The Church fully endorses the notion of the humiliating ritual of confession and penance encapsulated in A SIN BIN.

Here is a site that creates insecurity and low self esteem in children Confession Guide for Children | National Catholic Register

EXAMINATION OF CONSCIENCEDid I pay attention at Mass?
Have I fooled around in Church?
Did I say my prayers every day?
Did I say mean things to my mom or dad?
Did I always say “Thank You” to people?
Am I hard to get along with (during school, at Grandma´s, at home?)?
Did I do what my mom and dad told me to do? My teacher?
Was I lazy around the house?
Did I do my chores?
Did I hurt others people´s feelings by calling them bad names?
Have I started fights with my brothers and sisters at home?
Have I blamed other people for things I do?
Did I get other people into trouble?
Do I hit people when I get mad?
Have I forgiven people? Or am I holding a grudge?
Have I cheated or been unfair in games?
Did I refuse to play with someone for no good reason?
Was I was lazy about my schoolwork?
Did I fail to do my homework?
Did I cheat in school?
How many times did I lie to my parents? My teachers? My friends?
Did I take anything that didn´t belong to me?
Did I avoid medicine? Did I refuse to eat food I didn´t like?

There are lots of websites dealing with children and confession. No doubt, they are of interest to paedophiles.

Child Sexual Abuse, Catholic Priests and Confession. This site makes the obvious connections.

(Video) Confession is a Place of Victory

This is what Catholics and Catholic schools are about.And it time to hear the Pope’s confession.

Time to hear Pope Benedict’s confession – The Washington Post

This from a blog Confessions of a Catholic teacher.Confessions of a Catholic School Teacher | Facebook

4th Grade Stand Up Comedy

The weekend after Thanksgiving, the first Sunday of Advent, one of the priests at the church told a joke, which many Catholic adults have probably heard many times. A little boy wants a bike and instead asking Santa for the bike, he asks Jesus. Towards the end of the joke, the boy gets clever and locks up a statue of the Virgin Mary and writes “If you ever want to see your mother again, you will bring me a bike.”

The joke is always amusing when you hear a priest tell it before giving his homily, but to my fourth grade class, it was the talk of the town. It was the start of what would be a very comedic year for them. After the joke about the bike, the children were coming into class ready to share jokes. I listened to the jokes, of course, but after the joke that started “Ms. J. there was a priest and rabbi that walked into a …,” I put a small end to jokes. Not really sure where that joke was going, but in my prior experience of jokes starting with a priest and a rabbi, none are usually appropriate for a fourth grader.

Last weekend, one of the members of our church was ordained a deacon and is now a new deacon for our church. The church is going to have a celebration for the new deacon this Sunday and the school children were asked to make cards for him. I told the children that we were going to make cards for our new deacon. They wanted to know who the new deacon was, so I told the children his name. At this point, Celine was starstruck and ready to fall out of her chair with the news. Our new deacon’s wife works at our after school program, Celine enjoys going to the after care program and talking with the deacon’s wife, so she was almost too excited for words.

The children began making cards and I had told the children that we should write how we will pray for our new deacon. Alexander, one of my top comedians in the class, comes to me while figuring out what he wants to write in his card and says, “Ms. J. do you remember the joke about the boy who wants a bike, so he locks up Mary and writes if you ever want to see your mother again, you will get me a bike.”

“Yes, Alexander, I remember that joke.”

“Well, wouldn’t it be funny, if I wrote in my card, I’ll start praying for you, when you start praying for me.”

“Uhmmm” “Do you get it? He has to start praying for me first. It’s funny, right?”


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