Happy New Month Message To My Ex-Girlfriend - Love Text Messages (2022)

Happy New Month Message To My Ex-Girlfriend

Happy New Month Message To My Ex-Girlfriend - Love Text Messages (1)



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Happy New Month Message To My Ex-Girlfriend: On the first of each month, most of us will send a greeting to our beloved friends. In the case you have lost your ex-girlfriend, you can send her a message from this page! It’s aware of some cute phrases that can be used to start a conversation with your ex-girlfriend..

Happy New Month Message To My Ex-Girlfriend

  1. The month of March has just started and I am sending you the most heartfelt wishes for the month – Happy New Month Message To My Ex-Girlfriend. This message is to let you know how important you still are to me, what a lovely girl you have always been and how I should never have let us drift apart.
  2. Happy new month Dear. I love you very much and miss you. You were the one for me and after all these years, I am still missing you so much.
  3. Hello dear, how are you doing today? I hope all is well and this love message finds you in the best of moods. I know we haven’t spoken for quite some time now but I just want to wish u a very happy new month and may God bless you abundantly! May the love of almighty God be upon you at all times. I will like to say a big thank you for everything you have done for me. I really appreciate your willingness to love me!
  4. I was really missing your daily calls and texts. Happy new month babe! Are you doing fine? I have not seen your name on my phone this morning. I thought you might be busy but no response from you is okay too. Anyway, call me back so we can catch up.
  5. I wish you all the joys of the world and may this month bring you lots of love, laughter and happiness. I’m truly happy to have known someone like you and I wish we can be friends forever. Every good looking one is taken, don’t stress yourself getting older by yourself. I know for sure you’re beautiful inside out so what’s your excuse? Pick up the phone or send a text and say hi. I’m here for you if you need me! Happy life!
  6. I am so glad to hear from you. All I will say is missed you, and this is a welcome surprise. I hope we can hang out soon.
  7. You are my best friend and I’ve loved you since the day we met. I promise to stand by your side no matter what, forever.
  8. I don’t expect to change your mind. I don’t even blame you for what you did, if anything, I’m the one to blame here. Sometimes it’s really hard to think of you as a friend after all the time we’ve spent together, but I guess it doesn’t matter who you are in my life as long as we can move on and be perfectly happy with other people in our lives. Best of luck in whatever you decide to do.
  9. Thanks for being a great friend and allowing me to express myself. I wish you all the best in life, may all your dreams come true!
  10. Wishing a very happy new month to my beloved ex-girlfriend. I want to say thanks for the good times we had and hope to see you in future.
  11. Happy new Month, my dear friend. I pray that this month brings you success in all your endeavors, you are the best person I have ever met. In life I have found someone who is non-judgmental, understanding and fun to be with. No wonder we remained together for years. This is a life time friendship I cherish so dearly. Wishing you all the very best my friend
  12. Wishing you a new month, full of love and joy! I miss you so much, I have no words to tell I know this is very late coming but everything has a time, right? it’s hard for me to let go or maybe I’m just a fool… but I knew in my heart you would be back to me anyway.
  13. I want to wish you all the best this new month. May God bless you with health, wealth and love. I pray that we will always be friends till the day I die. It pains me that we broke up but I hope you understand my point of view. Our relationship drifted apart with time so it was time to say goodbye. Take care my dear okay!
  14. Hey there honey! I remember how our relationship used to be, how we were so full of love and magic. I’m not saying that we need to get back together or anything like that, but I want you to know that wherever you are, no matter what you do, I’m always thinking about you. Be happy sweetheart and wish you a month full of smiles!
  15. My ex-girlfriend, I just want to tell you that I miss you. I know we can find a way to make things work. I don’t want to let you go! I don’t have many girlfriends like you in my life because you’re the best!
  16. Just wanted to let you know how much I miss you and how much I wish the best for your future. I hope that wherever your dreams take you that I am part of them. I really do love you and with every passing day, more and more.
  17. Happy New Month my dear, I hope you have a great month. I know I have been far from perfect but I am working on myself every day to be the best version of myself and get you to see who I really am.
  18. You mean so much to me and I wish the best for you. Thinking of you and hope all your dreams come true, because you definitely deserve it.
  19. As the cold begins to thaw, I thank my lucky stars that we will be together soon and not just because the heating bills are killing me. You have made my life more incredible than I could ever have imagined and I feel so blessed to have you in my life. I hope in this new year that you can find happiness, love, and fulfillment, because we both know you deserve it.
  20. You always make me smile, no matter how bad my day is you always have a way to make me feel better. This month won’t be the same without you here, I will make it a point to see you as much as I can.
  21. hey you. happy new month. I know you’ve heard it before but I don’t know if the words have ever been so true. I miss you like crazy and just want to ask when will we be back together again? Thoughts? negotiable maybe? But for now, much love to you.
  22. Wishing you a very happy new month, may all your dreams come true this year. May you be blessed with love and prosperity.
  23. I wish you all the happiness in the world! I hope that your month will be full of great memories, and I’m sure it will be. Have a great month my friend.
  24. I’ll never forget our time together. You were always there for me and I love you for that. It’s made me a better person and I wanted to thank you for that again. I wish you nothing but the best!
  25. I don’t know how I survived the month of February without you. It sure wasn’t easy, but I managed. A whole month has past by so quickly and now we’re on March already! I wish you were here for us to celebrate it together, but I hope you are doing well over there. What does the new year hold for us? Guess only time will tell! But whatever happens, know that I love you and will wait for you forever.
  26. I know you think we’re done, but I want you to know that wasn’t my decision. I wanted to be with you forever, but at least for now, I’ll be happy just to see you every day. You can deny it all you like, but I know your heart wants me too.
  27. you are one of my most favorite person and my only good friend who always care about me, you stood by me and never left me, I’m sorry I always get mad at you. but please believe me that this is not my intension even your words hurt me very much. but I regret it so much if I could have the chance to go back in time, I would say sorry to you several times and make it up with more wonderful surprises since you deserve.
  28. To my honey, New Month is a time to new beginnings. New month is a clean slate and new opportunities. I know that our separation was not easy for both of us, but I hope that you will find something special in this new month and year. Don’t give up and stay strong for yourself, for me and for our baby. I will always be rooting for you and waiting for you, my love.
  29. Hey! How are you? I hope you had a great first day of the month. I want to let you know that we broke up because you did not spend enough time with me. Let’s get together and make new memories. I look forward to hearing from you soon.
  30. I hope this message finds you in a new month filled with joy and good fortune. I wish the best for you and your family. Be sure to let me know: Are we still friends?
  31. I know we broke up, but I just wanted to tell you that I really can’t stop thinking about you, I thought that after time passed, I would be over you, but as each day passes, I find myself missing you more. Hope everything goes well for you and just know even though we are not together anymore, I will always treasure the memories and moments we shared.
  32. I hope every month you have lots to smile about and count your blessings. You are going to do just fine without me, I am sure of it. But let me say this, even though we won’t be together you will always be my best friend. Good luck in everything you do and remember that I love you more than the sun loves the sky.
  33. I often look at the pictures we took together and I am in awe of your beauty, of your smile and all I feel. I think, if only she could love me as much as I love her. If only we’d never separated, things could have been so different and so beautiful. But no matter what we do or don’t do, you will always be beautiful in my heart!
  34. Hi, I know you probably don’t want to hear from me, and I’m sorry for what I’ve done. I wanted to tell you that it was very nice emailing with you in the past, and if any time in the future you would like to chat again, I’d be keen to do so. I hope all is well. If not, please just let me know how to help.
  35. I hope the rest of the month goes by fast for you, my dear ex-girlfriend. I will always love you, but we are no longer together. We live in different states and I am moving on with someone else. It’s hard going from romantic dates to friendly “hello” exchanges. Wish you the best, move on with your life and find happiness, my ex-girlfriend!
  36. Hope all goes well this new month, I wish health and prosperity in all your endeavors. I miss you so much and hope you are doing just fine and may God bless you. I miss chit-chatting with you over the phone but my new job gets in the way of my social life

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Happy New Month Message To My Ex-Girlfriend - Love Text Messages (2)


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