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I received Jesus during my senior year at the university. Jeannie and I have been married 50 years and have five children. We have been involved with MBC since the founding in the 1970’s. I am president of a manufacturing company located in Mansfield.

Gary & Demetra joined MBC family in 1990 they have 3 grown children Aaron, Zachary and Gabrielle.They have served in several ministries over the years Greeter, Nursery, Elementary Sunday School, JV Sunday School, Senior High Support, Deacon, Elder, Safety Team.

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Paul Schrodt serves as an Elder at MBC. After earning his Ph.D. in Communication Studies at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln in 2003, he taught at the Universities of Texas at Arlington and Kansas before joining the faculty at Texas Christian University, where he has taught since 2006. Paul grew up attending MBC as a youth and joined the Elder board in 2016. He and his wife Danielle have raised their two sons, Isaac and Eli, at MBC. Paul enjoys following his favorite sport teams, watching movies, and reading books on theology and apologetics.

Jeremiah Olsen is the Worship Pastor at MBC. He has been leading worship for 15+ years and has a heart to use the gifting God has given him in music to serve the church. He is passionate about building up other worship leaders within the church and helping them grow in their abilities. Jeremiah has been married to Amanda since 2014, and they have three young children. Jeremiah‘s interests include writing and recording music. He also enjoys all things outdoors including fishing, hunting, and camping. contact me.

Jeff grew up in Louisiana and attend LSU in pre-med. His wife Cheryl also attended LSU and majored in music education. They both became Christians in 1971 and were married in 1973. After attending LSU Medical School for a year, Jeff and Cheryl moved to Dallas to attend Dallas Theological Seminary where Jeff received his ThM degree in 1979, and later his doctorate from Denver Seminary in 1982.

Jeff and Cheryl then planted churches in Breckenridge, TX, and Orlando, FL before moving to Iowa City, IA where Jeff served as the Senior Pastor of a church which grew to 2500 with 37 staff for almost 30 years. Parkview Church is located right next to the University of Iowa Campus and had a vibrant ministry to faculty, staff, and university students as well as to the greater Iowa City area. Jeff and Cheryl have six children and twenty-four grandchildren with three of their children and families living in Texas, two in the Dallas area.Jeff and Cheryl are thrilled to be Partners at MBC and Jeff is excited to be involved on staff, focusing on his passion for Leadership Development and Discipleship.

(Video) Yield: Let God Lead - Part 13: Yielding Your Past AND Your Present

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Stan Valdez is MBC’s Family/Children’s Pastor. He holds a MEd in Curriculum Instruction from UNTD and a BA in Communications from UTA. He is also a Bilingual Instructional Facilitator for Cedar Hill ISD. He has served in ministry for 24 years as a volunteer and part time Middle School Pastor. Stan has been married to Veronica since January of 1999 and they have 4 children: Michaya, Noah, Vincent, and Piper. They joined MBC in 2015.

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Kristen joined our staff in 2021. She is an integral part of our Kid’s Ministry Team using her skills and talents as our MBC CrossKids Director and Preschool Coordinator.
She has a BS in Early Childhood Education from Texas A&M, as well as a Master’s degree in Public Administration from Bush School of Public Service and Administration.
Kristen has two children, Roland and Morgan. She loves the outdoors, music, and hanging out with her children.

Mike Hogue is the Associate Pastor at MBC. This is a second career for him as he served as a pilot in the USAF for 22 years. He graduated from the USAF Academy in 1991 with BS degrees in Mathematics and Operations Research, and he got his MS in Computer Science from Texas Tech in 1995. After retiring from the USAF, Mike attended Dallas Theological Seminary where he got his ThM in 2017. He came on staff at MBC in July of 2019. Mike has been married to the MBC C3 Director, Heather Hogue, since 1991 and they have four young adult children. Mike enjoys playing racquetball & the guitar, computer programming, and going to estate sales on Saturday mornings.

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Our C3 (Communications, Community, and Connections) Director is Heather Hogue. She has a certificate of Biblical Studies from Colorado Christian University (1991), a BA in English from Texas Tech (1994), and an MSEd from Old Dominion University (2011). She taught middle and high school English for 13 years before coming on staff at MBC in July of 2019. Heather is currently pursuing an MA in Counseling from BH Carroll Theological Seminary. She has been married to Associate Pastor, Mike Hogue, since 1991. Be sure to ask about how they met as military brats in high school. It’s a great story. They have four children who are all in their 20s. She spends most of her free time looking for interesting (or not so interesting) items at estate-sales in the DFW area with Mike.contact me.

Our MBC Student Ministries Assistant is Leah Austin. Prior to joining the MBC youth staff team, she taught for two years and then served on the administration team at NABS, a preschool in Midlothian, for four years. Leah has grown up here at MBC, and you’ll often see her appear as a cute toddler in early church photographs. She formally joined the MBC staff team in 2013. Leah has two adult children: Will and Sara Grace. When not at the church, she loves to spend time with her family & friends. She also enjoys reading and cooking.contact me.

Ezekiel (Zeke) Garcia is the MBC Student Ministries’ Pastor. Prior to coming on staff in May of 2020, he worked at various times as a worship pastor, youth pastor, and camp counselor in Arkansas and Missouri. He is also a Christian Hip Hop artist. Zeke has been married to Karlee since 2012 and they have four children. Zeke’s interests include writing, playing, and recording music. He enjoys playing sports of any kind—but he especially likes basketball. He also enjoys spending time with his family, game nights, and going to the movies.contact me.

Lesli Thompson is our Director of Re:Generation.

Regeneration is a 12-Step intensive discipleship program. Lesli graduated from John Brown University in 1999 with a Bachelor of Science in social work. She worked for years in group home care for abused and neglected children. Jeff and Lesli were married in 2002. They have done many years of ministry together in youth, Colombia, and now Regeneration. Five children, Ella, Elijah, Ezra, Emerson, and Emery supply them with endless hours of cooking, cleaning, and laundry! More fun times involve hiking, camping, and planning as many trips back to Wyoming as possible.

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The Senior Pastor at MBC is Matt Reynolds. He holds a ThM from Dallas Theological Seminary and a BA in Elementary Education from Cedarville College. He has served as a pastor both in Missouri and Texas for the last 20 years, but he joined the staff here at MBC in December of 2014. Matt has been married to Elizabeth since 1998 and they have three teenage children: Madeline, Hannah, and Samuel. contact me.

Lydia Weldy is our MBC Children’s Ministry Director. She has a BS in Food Science from Texas A&M (2009) and an AAS in Dental Hygiene (2007). She joined the staff at MBC in August of 2018. Lydia is married her foil, Christopher, and they have three children: Otto, Meredith, and Edison. When not renovating their new fixer-upper “lake” house, her interests include gardening, sewing, and grocery shopping.contact me.

The MBC IT Administrator is Sherri Hatcher. Sherri attended Angelo State University and Texas State Technical College. She was the Network / VoIP Specialist for City of Irving and owned a healthy vending business for four years. She also is a Certified Health Coach through IIN. She was the MBC Youth Secretary for two years and has served MBC as an IT professional for the past 10 years as both a volunteer and employee. She married Bill Hatcher in 2001. They became a blended family with each having two sons from previous marriages, and they adopted a son in 2006. They also have two young grandsons and want everyone to know that being grandparents is awesome! Sherri loves to read and learn new skills. She also has a hobby garden where she plays around with growing herbs and vegetables.contact me.


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