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Just consider these benefits: No sudden, violent death, by air, land, sea accident, by drug, by war, by natural disasters. You will be 100% prepared and at peace. The Grace of God, in Person and through the Sacraments, will assist you at the very last instant of your life on Earth. Read the Magnificent Promises. Take advantage of these Opportunities of Sure Salvation that death cannot destroy. You are destined to Heaven. Nothing on Earth deserves your ambition: SAVE YOUR SOUL.

Avoid the desecration of the Holy Eucharist

Luz de María: Messages and Prophecies (6)

Luz de María: Messages and Prophecies (7)

Luz de María: Messages and Prophecies (8)

Luz de María: Messages and Prophecies (9)

No more of extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist, no more of Communions in the hand!

Luz de María: Messages and Prophecies (10)"Children of My Heart, the Peace of the Lord be with you all. My little ones, many blasphemies are being committed with the Holy Eucharist. My Son is reviled in His Divinity through the impure and unworthy hands of My lay children. As mother of the son of God and Mother of humanity, I ask My beloved children, to put an end to this abomination! No more of extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist, no more of Communions in the hand! The Body and Blood of my Son, are outraged by many lay people who give themselves tasks that belong only to priests and other consecrated Ministers such as: the Pope, the Cardinals and Bishops. No hand that has not been consecrated through the ministerial Priesthood, can touch My Son..." (Read full message)

Luz de María: Messages and Prophecies (11)John Paul II: "I cannot be in favor of the Communion in the hand and I cannot recommend it. The priest has a primordial responsibility as a 'servant of the Holy Eucharist and of all the Holy Forms', primordial because it is complete. Touching the Holy Creations is a privilege of the ordained ones" (Dominicae Cenae II) "Communion in the hand was introduced by the modernist hierarchy without the authorization of the Holy See (Cardinal Suenens in Holland etc). Paul VI tenaciously opposed it but decided to grant a pardon only where the use was already rooted to avoid a widespread disobedience.”

Luz de María: Messages and Prophecies (12)Monsignor Juan Rodolfo Laise, Argentine Bishop, he states: "I know the history of the communion in the hand, was clandestinely reintroduced, disseminated on the basis of equivocation, and confirmed through unwavering disobediences... (to the Holy Father), by imposing over twenty-seven years a use that the Pope did not want to authorize because he considered as dangerous for the good of the Church, until they finally managed to spread it almost everywhere in the world."

Luz de María: Messages and Prophecies (13)Jesus to Catalina Rivas, (stigmatized seer. Nihil obstat by Msgr. R. Fernández, Bolivian Archbishop: "There are neither 10 nor 20 executioners who hit My Body, but many hands that hurt My Body by receiving Communion in their hand - the sacrilegious work of Satan."

Jesus Christ to Catherine Rivas on Communion in the mouth:

  1. "To those who DO NOT receive in their HAND My Own Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity, I promise to fill them with My Blessings in their hands, heart, soul and in all their being.
  2. I promise them many more graces in their earthly life, and the consequent greatest guarantees of salvation and increase of essential and accidental Glory, for all their eternal living with Me in Heaven.
  3. They will feel Me in the Communion a lot in all their being and, with such a fullness that they will take away from themselves their natural desire to touch Me. These ones will always do a greater good to the souls; on the other hand, those who insist on taking Me in their hand, will remain hardened in many things toward My Will, and obscured about My Own Taste, My Own Preaching, and My Own Magisterium.”

Luz de María: Messages and Prophecies (14)Jesus to Giuliana Crescio, December 1989: "I do not wish to be taken into your hands. I don't want to be taken into your hands! I, the Living Bread, the Living Blood, that Blood shed for you, I am the Bread, but for your soul. I gave the Apostles bread, you are not priests, you cannot touch Me!"

Luz de María: Messages and Prophecies (15)Some souls of Purgatory tell Maria Simma (seer of the souls) that the sin for which they have to suffer the most is because they have received Communion in their hand. Mary explains: under normal conditions, only the consecrated hands of priests can distribute Communion. Except in "extraordinary circumstances". "Extraordinary" does not refer to the difference between the faithful having to wait two minutes instead of ten to receive Communion. (Today lay people or priests are in a hurry for everything) One day, a woman who distributed Communion, urged other women to do the same, she passed away. Before the funeral, the coffin was open for family and friends to give the last salute. Then it was closed. However, a close relative arrived late and asked the priest to open it so that he could also say goodbye to the deceased. The priest lifted the cover of the coffin and looked inside. Several saw that the woman's hands had turned black. This sign, for me, as for the rest, was God's confirmation that unconsecrated hands cannot distribute Jesus during Communion."

(Video) Luz De Maria Warns that Individual Freedoms will be Restricted due to the New Disease!

Maria Simma freed 40 or 50 priests and bishops from Purgatory, most for promoting Communion in hand or other types of irreverence. She calls Communion in hand "the work of the devil." Many are for, due to lack of obedience to the Holy Father, lack of love for the Holy Mass, lack of love for prayer and fasting, not having read the breviary, and I repeat, for the Communion in the hand... "The souls of Purgatory have told me that no Pope to this day has supported the Communion in the hand, a rite that was promoted by a group of cardinals and bishops. All the Popes knew very well that the Communion in the hand was against the veneration of the Holiest of the Holy Ones." ...I know a very good woman who doubted this and simply asked Jesus himself to send her a clear signal so that she could be clarified. Jesus did it! The next time the priest came to give Communion, he put the Eucharist in the palm of her hand. As soon as he did it, the Host rose from her hand, went up and disappeared into the air. This little miracle was also seen by several witnesses..."

Luz de María: Messages and Prophecies (16)1976 (Un-corrupted). When this 16-year-old girl from a pious German family was suddenly afflicted by demonic possession, the demon (during an exorcism ordered by the local bishop) was forced to say: "The thing (the Consecrated Host) should not be placed in the hands. Priests must have courage. Lay people should not distribute it. During the distribution of that thing (the Holy Communion), you must kneel. By command of that one (pointing to a statue of the Virgin that was nearby) the Communion in the hand must be abolished because it is a work of mine. The bishop must forbid Communion in his hand, if he can do it."

_ _ _ From the 2008 book “Give Me to Drink”: Jesus says: "Everything has been enabled for desecration and sacrilege, and My ministers do not care, they live comfortable with this. The laity give Communion and there will come a day when the Holy Sacrifice of the Cross also will be degraded in such a way that they prevent Me from descending into the Host."

_ _ _ The following can be quoted from a Masonic Plan of 1925: "How can the faithful no longer believe in the real presence of Jesus in the Eucharist? [...] First we must make people everywhere receive Communion standing and then place the Host in their hands. Prepared in this way they will come to see the Host as a symbol of fraternal coexistence". Indirectly, Communion in the hand has also contributed to the moving of the Tabernacles, which are no longer being in the center of the churches but in a side area, or in another room. This has led to no more kneeler in many temples of the West.

_ _ _ With the practice of the Communion in the hand is true the desecration of the Blessed Sacrament. The norm of the Catholic Church remains to have Communion in the mouth. The only pleasing way to God is to receive Communion on the knees and in the mouth, or standing, but always in the mouth and from the hands of a Priest only. St. Francis of Assisi: "Only they, (the priests), should administer it, and no others." (Letter 2a, to all the faithful, 3.5)

_ _ _ When you hear the argument "The Church has allowed it," remember that you are the Church and not the disobedient and treacherous bureaucracies found somewhere far away and inaccessible. The Church has not allowed it but has tolerated it only under pressure..

_ _ _ St Brigid of Sweden, 1373: "Look, daughter of Mine, I left My priests five gifts... and the fifth one is the privilege of touching My Most Holy Flesh with their hands."

_ _ _ The Martyr and Holy Cardinal John Fisher 1535: "The times of flourishing or collapse within the history of the Church, were always associated with the handling of the Holy Eucharist."


Luz de María: Messages and Prophecies (17)"If you knew, how you shine after having properly approached the Sacrament of Confession. As He (Jesus) is in the Confessional and where He listens to every word, sees in every corner of your heart and He is longing to bestow the Graces inherent to His forgiveness. My children, while My Son is truly present hidden behind the person of the Priest Confessor, equally real is the Grace of Absolution and of Forgiveness from the Lord." —— Maria, Mother of Jesus"


Pay attention to the words of the Consecration, during Mass. The one (it can be a Pope, a Cardinal, a Bishop, a Priest), who changes those words has embraced heresy and Jesus is not present on the altar. Leave that church and look for a traditional Priest. Do not let satan and his demons fool you. The next pope will serve the antichrist.

Luz de María: Messages and Prophecies (18)

Luz de María: Messages and Prophecies (19)

Avoid Sacrileges AT CHURCH - Dress Properly in God's House

Luz de María: Messages and Prophecies (20) “The church is God's house. It is forbidden for men to enter here with bare arms and wearing shorts. It is forbidden for women to enter wearing trousers, bare headed, with short, low-necked or sleeveless dresses." —Sant Pio of Pietrelcina

Luz de María: Messages and Prophecies (21)

Luz de María: Messages and Prophecies (22)

Dress Properly the Day of your Wedding

Luz de María: Messages and Prophecies (23)

Luz de María: Messages and Prophecies (24)

(Video) Luz De Maria Times Of Scarcity Approach You Need To Overcome And Be One With The Most Holy Trinity

Protect your home with the Holy Family for the incoming Tribulation

Luz de María: Messages and Prophecies (25)Important Message of God the Father: "I recommend (translation) that every family, who receives this message, should have a representation of the Holy Family in their home. It can be an Icon or a statue of the Holy Family, or a permanent Manger in a center place in the home. The representation must be blessed and consecrated by a priest. As the star, followed by the Wise men, stopped over the Manger, the chastisement from the sky will not hit the Christians families devoted and protected by the Holy Family. [...] Send this message to everyone. I have given Saint Joseph [...] the authority to protect the Church which is the body of Christ. He will be the protector during the trials of this time. The Immaculate Heart of My daughter Mary and the Sacred Heart of my Beloved Son Jesus, with the Chaste and Pure Heart of Saint Joseph, will be the shield of your home, your family, and your Refuge during the events to come."—Tuesday, October 30, 2018, message to Fr. Michel Rodrigue

Parents, be very attentive with your children

Luz de María: Messages and Prophecies (26) "Parents, be very attentive of your children as my adversary wants to destroy families. Be very careful with what your children see, read, listen and play. I tell you this because the instruments of Evil, are using technology to slowly poisoning young souls through games, music, movies, videos, TV shows and literature loaded with subliminal messages that are driving many to spiritual and even physical death."Maria Mother of Jesus

Do not Put Tattoo Marks on Yourselves (Leviticus 19,28)

Luz de María: Messages and Prophecies (27)"My children, to tattoo your bodies is a pagan practice that goes against God's Holy Word which reads: Do not lacerate your bodies for the dead, and do not tattoo yourselves (Leviticus 19,28). Remember that your bodies are a temple of the Holy Spirit and you should not defile, destroy or burn it. I remind you that all those body markings come from my adversary and are evil instruments that only seek to defile God's creation and take you away from the path of salvation." Maria Mother of Jesus

NO game where one requests information from the afterlife is good

Luz de María: Messages and Prophecies (28)"My children, playing ghosts, charlie – charlie, or scissors and spiral notepad are the same as playing ouija. It is same as opening your soul's doors so that my adversary and his demons can enter and possess you. NO game where one requests information from the afterlife is good. Don't think that by invoking the souls of your departed loved ones it will be them who will come responding to your call. I tell you that by doing this what you are opening are the doors of Hell. You know very well that my adversary is astute and disguises as an Angel of light to mislead you in order to take your soul. Many children and young adults are being trapped by my adversary by playing games where they request information and assistance form occult sources. My little children, when playing those apparently innocent games what you are really doing is opening your soul to my adversary so that he may possess you." Maria Mother of Jesus

Parents, pay much attention to the video games your children play

Luz de María: Messages and Prophecies (29)"My little children, when playing those apparently innocent games what you are really doing is opening your soul to my adversary so that he may possess you. Parents, pay much attention to the video games that your children play as many of them are filled with occult rituals and actions with the sole purpose of opening the minds of your children and youth to violence, trespassing, sex, drugs, homosexuality, prostitution and murder." Maria Mother of Jesus

Pay attention to the cartoons that your children watch

Luz de María: Messages and Prophecies (30)"[Parents] pay attention to the cartoons that your children watch as many are loaded with subliminal messages of violence, sex and all other sins of the flesh that will lead your children to lose their moral and spiritual values, and the saddest of all: the distancing from God and family. Awaken from your passiveness parents! Don't continue to be so permissive with your children. Remember that you are living in times of darkness and must be attentive with all that your children see, play read and listen. This so that tomorrow you won’t regret their misbehavior, and worse losing their souls." Maria Mother of Jesus

Pray My Holy Rosary with your children, as the family that prays together stays together

Luz de María: Messages and Prophecies (31)"Parents, correct the ways if your family, have much dialogue with your children, make time to listen to them as many homes are being lost due to lack of love, dialogue, understanding and most specially for not inviting God. Take God back into your homes, pray my Holy Rosary, as the family that prays together stays together"Maria Mother of Jesus

Act of Consecration
to the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus

Luz de María: Messages and Prophecies (32)

O Sacred Heart of Jesus
who made known to St. Margaret Mary
Your great desire to reign over Christian families
we are gathered here today
to proclaim Your complete dominion over our family.
From now on we promise to lead a Christlike life:
we will strive to develop in our home
all the virtues which bring with them the peace that You promised
and we will not compromise with the spirit of secularism
which You have so strongly denounced.

You will rule over our minds through our deep and living faith.
You will be King of our hearts by our generous love for You;
and we will cultivate this love
by the frequent reception of You in Holy Communion.

Divine Heart of Jesus,
preside over our family gatherings;
bless all our family undertakings, both spiritual and temporal.
Sanctify our joys and comfort us in our sorrows.
If any member of our family should have the misfortune to offend You seriously,
please remind him, O Sacred Heart of Jesus,
of Your infinite love and mercy for the penitent sinner.

And when the hour of separation comes,
when death brings its sorrows into our family,
whether we go or whether we stay,
we humbly accept Your divine will.
At the same time we will console and comfort ourselves with the thought
that the time will come when our whole family
will be united lovingly with You in heaven forever.
There we shall sing a hymn of praise
to the infinite mercy and love of Your Sacred Heart.

We ask the Immaculate Heart of Mary and our glorious protector,
St. Joseph, to offer You this family consecration of ours.
May the memory of this consecration be with us always.

We will say one
Our Father, Hail Mary, and Glory Be
for the intentions of the Holy Father
and for absent members, living and dead.

Act of Consecration
to the Immaculate Heart of Mary

Luz de María: Messages and Prophecies (33)

0 Virgin Mary, most powerful Mother of Mercy,
Queen of Heaven and earth,
in accordance with your wish made known at Fatima,
I consecrate myself today to your Immaculate Heart.
To you I entrust all that I have, all that I am.
Reign over me, dearest Mother,
that I may be yours in prosperity,
in adversity, in joy and in sorrow,
in health and in sickness, in life and in death.

Most compassionate Heart of Mary,
Queen of Virgins, watch over my mind and heart
and preserve me from the deluge of impurity
which you lamented so sorrowfully at Fatima.
I want to be pure like you.
I want to atone for the many crimes committed against Jesus and you.
I want to call down upon this country
and the whole world the peace of God in justice and charity.

Mindful of this consecration,
I now promise to strive to imitate you
by the practice of the Christian virtues
without regard for human respect.
I resolve to receive Holy Communion
on the first Saturday of every month when possible,
and to offer daily five decades of the Rosary,
with all my sacrifices in the spirit of penance and reparation. Amen.

I, . . ., a faithless sinner, renew and ratify today in thy Heart,
O Immaculate Mother, the vows of my Baptism;
I renounce forever Satan, his pomps and works;
and I give myself entirely to Jesus Christ,
the Incarnate Wisdom, to carry my cross after Him all the days of my life,
and to be more faithful to Him than I have ever been before.

Queen of the Most Holy Rosary,
in the presence of all the heavenly court,
I choose thee this day for my Mother and Mistress.
I deliver and consecrate to thee, and to thy Immaculate Heart,
as thy child and slave of love, my body and soul,
my goods, both interior and exterior,
and even the value of all my good actions, past, present and future;
leaving to thee the entire and full right of disposing of me,
and all that belongs to me,
without exception, according to thy good pleasure,
for the greater glory of God, in time and in eternity. Amen.

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