Srimad Bhagavad Gita | H H Mahavishnu Goswami Amrtavani (2023)

Om Namo Bhagavathey Vaasudevaya

ye hi samsparsa-ja bhoga, dukha-yonaya eva te,
ady-antavantah kaunteya, na tesu ramate budhah.

All these two lined verses in sanskrit are in anushtup lyric. This anushtup lyric is very useful to increase our devotional awareness.

These two brothers are from Newzealand and they are the product of mangal arati. Since eleven years their father is having mangal arati in the house. The temple is like this in the sitting room. Very nice house. Mother is very dedicated. Father is, both are initiated. So from birth they are vegetarian. They knew no other faith. They are completely fixed and the same time they are first class first in academics. They are now going to university. Father has taken one year drop for them and they are moving about with me.

Please, try to follow this way. We have our young children. Perform mangala arati in the house. May not be 4:30 but something early in the morning we must do.

Morning is meant for worshipping the Supreme Absolute Truth. Please those who can and those who have place organise very nice temple, may be very humble altar and daily in the morning you should sing arati to the Lord. You may not be having ghee lamp, doesn't matter, have incense or without incense also you can offer everything in your mind even then Lord accepts.

It is very easy. Don't complicate the devotional service. Bhakti should never be complicated. It should be very easy. Should be performed in any circumstance of life.

Oxygen is very essential for our survival. Isn't it? You came from India, from Mexico.There was some boy like you from India. He is not here today. Anyway, you are coming from Mexico. You want oxygen isn't it? Oxygen, you have to inhale. You didn't have to bring oxygen cylinders from Mexico. We are coming from London, we are breathing oxygen in London, I didn't have to bring all the oxygen cylinders here.

Oxygen is everywhere. Why? Because it is very much essential for our survival. The things which are very essential they are provided all over the planet and free of charge.

There is no meter in your nose isn't it? How much cubic feet you have inhaled? There is no bill. Why? Because it is very essential. We cannot survive without it.

This oxygen is for our material body but we have more important existence as a spiritual soul. Spiritual soul also wants something which is very essential for soul.

In the pages of Bhagavad Gita we have fortunately understood that all the living entities, He says, are all My part and parcel. mamaivamshah jiva bhuta sanatana. Eternal instruction and nobody can deny.

We may follow any faith but this is the fact that the fragmental part, the spiritual spark which is situated in our heart, everyone of us must have. Otherwise without that spark we cannot be surviving in our body also.

As soon as the spark and the Supersoul decides to leave the body, within one hour the body is gone. We cannot look at that body. It starts completely getting rotten.

That is why as soon as the living entity is dead we hurry up and try to finish it off. Either we burn or bury or whatever. You don't keep that body for more than one hour in the house in India.

Here the things might be different. As soon as you are dead you are taken to the hospital. I told, While alive you should take to the hospital. Why the dead? But No! It has to be refrigerated. For the whole lifetime you eat everything refrigerated, our vegetables are refrigerated, milk is refrigerated, everything is, and as soon as dead you are refrigerated and then postmortem, this and that. So complicated.

The point is that the spiritual existence is more important than our bodily existence and who has sanity in their existence, sanity will force you to enquire about the spiritual side. Insanity will drag you to the material side which is very temporary and full of misery.

Body is not a very comfortable thing. This spirit soul being part and parcel of Krsna or the Supreme Soul must have some connection between the Supreme soul and the spirtiual soul.

The small child is naturally attracted to mother or father. They don't have to be taught to be attacted to father and mother.

That is how our natural inclination is towards God and if we are really getting attached to God through any rituals or cermonies or whatever and places where God exist we believe, then our soul is satisfied.

Soul requires some type of devotional connection to the Supreme Soul. As soon as you have that connection you are satisfied. That is the nourishment of the spiritual existence.

What we do? We nourish our body very nicely. Everything is regarding body here and again we forget about the spiritual existence.

As soon as we are connected through His names to Him, then we are completely satisfied. This is the real satisfaction. Otherwise do anything and everything you will never be satisfied.

This drags us to the spiritual matters and we many times are so foolish to run after the material neccessites of life, bodily neccessities. Unknowingly we ignore this side.
As soon as we ignore we are not satisfied at all.

For our own nourishment of the soul we must come to this conclusion. Otherwise we are wasting our existence. This existence will fly away like anything. We do not know fifty, sixty, seventy, how many, maybe eighty years, hundred years maybe. How long? It is nothing really.

You just look to the years you have already passed. You may be thirty years, forty years old, where have the forty years gone, we don't know. But they have gone definetly and again forty may go, dosen't matter. It is just like will run away and you will be remaining completely blank and the result will be horrible that without spiritual consciouness you will to leave this body.

In order to save from this, Prabhupada was very particular about it and that is why he has written so many books in such a short time. He has toiled and moiled to open so many temple communities so you will have satsang. You will have good association.

Association must be spiritual association and that is why we saw today our Eric's mother, is giving the spiritual association to somebody. Those living entities who try to uplift the living entities like this, they are the most fortunate, they are doing the good to the humanity at large.

This as soon as we remember, then as oxygen is provided everywhere without charge, devotional service is more important then oxygen so it should be free of charge. Everywhere available. It doesn't matter. It can be here only or in your house only or somewhere else only. No! It is nobody's monopoly. Everybody can perform.

Those who are born they are all have the birth right to perform the devotional service. Only we are ignorant and because we are ignorant we are following so many other whims which are not useful at all and ignoring this important job.

Make it very easy for the public at large and instill in them that in any corner of existence , any corner, not only this planet but the whole of the material universe is spiritual.

This devotional service is very easy. It is so easy, it is much more easier then the breathing. See the breathing, you are sitting here, you are breathing. You may work in the office you are breathing. You may be running you are breathing. You may be sleeping you are breathing. Breathing never stops. Isn't? Does it stop? Always it goes on.

Devotional service must go on always and how? That is shown in this verse very clearly. So please be attentive to this.

Gurudev:Now recite,( devotees recite)

Gurudev: Read the equivalents, let them repeat.( devotees read and repeat)

Gurudev : Read the translation, let them repeat.( devotees read and repeat)

Gurudev :Read the purport. ( devotee reads and all hear)

Hare Krsna Hare Krsna Krsna Krsna Hare Hare Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare.

This samsparshaja here is a nice word. sparsh means touch. We always have the different type of touches. I want to eat nice palatable food, prasad or something, rasgullas please me, a nice touch is there. I am sitting on a cushy seat, very very comfortable.

This sparsha sukh, the touch gives you a bit of happiness. He says dukhayonaya evathe.
Everything which is this type of happiness we regard has its concomitant misery.

We are coming from the times when we were all joint families, twenty five people staying in one house. Nice building was there but not a single chair was there. Everybody was sitting like this. Those who came also sat and it was very nice talking and we felt that we are all one.
In this room also if we put all the sofa sets hardly three or four people can sit.

Please! Please! If we can, from our houses we should reduce the is too much foam in this age, have it this side, this side, this side, every side. He wants to strech his legs, then he has arthritis.

All these diseases because we have lost this touch with the simplicity. So many diseases occur. Simplicity will relieve us.

Try to have less touch and we cannot avoid and tongue is there so we have to eat something in order to survive. So you cannot stop eating. But He says touching sensation is a source of misery, dukhayonaya evate. How to match this? Can anybody tell?

Devotee: offer to Krsna

Gurudev: That is austerity. Then anything else?

Devotee : using everything in Krsna's service.

Gurudev: yes, using everything in Krsna's service. But how not to eat?
He says eating is a touch sensation and so it is dukhayonaya. That is the instruction. And how to? We cannot survive without eating. That is definite. So are the scriptures contradictory? Tell me?

Devotee: He is trying to tell that eveything that comes with the contact with the senses comes with the package deal of attached misery, so we need to get above this, we need to try for real thing (not clear)

Gurudev: But my point is that if touching sensation is source of misery, then does it mean that we stop eating?

Devotee: eat prasdam

Gurudev: that is one way. What else?

Devotee: engage all the senses in Krsna's service so that we think of Krsna when we do the action which gives us sense pleasure. We do not do it for the sense pleasure but do it for our survival to keep the body( not clear)

Gurudev: you are right. Again in the scriptures it is very clear that in order to obtain the Lord's mercy and that we are all trying. We are really hungry for Lord's mercy. prasadam adigacchati. Unless there is prasad, Lord's mercy, we will never be able to carry on.

Every second of our existence He is helping us. To breathe in and breathe out, which is very important for our survival is also His mercy. The day He wants to stop our breath, nobody can give a single breath.

Everything depends on His mercy. But He has created our body, everything is created by Him.

aham sarvasya prabhavo,
mattah sarvam pravarthathe - everything emanates from Me. The wise who know this they become devoted to Me.

I hope by this time you are wise and we recognise Him as a source of everything. He is the source of everything and that's why our whole attention is attracted to Him. He has given us atmavashyair vidhyeatma, we are completely controlled in our habits.
And vidhyeatma- we are only working in the limits of the regulated freedom.

Regarding prasad also He has given us the freedom that we cannot touch anything which cannot be offered to Him. That goes without saying and then again there is limit to it. This is vidheyatma - it is regulated freedom.

This is the gift of Krsna to the living entities. That He knows how to behave here, how we behave and how we can be happy.

You know we buy cameras or we have bought this sound system. Always the company provides the booklet. If you go through the booklet and you have gone through these things according to the instructions of the company, then it will give you the good result.

Our bodies are also manufactured by Him and the planet is also manufactured by Him. He also gives the booklet. He has given us booklet in the form of Bible or Bhagavata Gita or whatever.

If you organise your life according to the tenets of His booklet then this body will give good results. Otherwise it will be diseased. We will be at ease if we follow the instuctions of the booklet.

I am following the booklet instructions, that's why I am operating this very accurately. As soon as I ignore the instructions then the trouble starts. I may break it and the results may not be there.

The same thing happens when we ignore the spiritual instuctions and regarding eating, this is only one thing regarding the sense gratificatory activities.

He has given us regulated freedom and He says Please! Don't touch the sinful things. Don't commit sin and fill up your belly. Committing sin of killing innocent animals and particularly the cows, are completely prohibited in His instructions.

If we are not discriminative about this, then the concomitant misery will be there. The animal which you are putting to your stomach is also diseased because he has a material body. Material body is always diseased. Those diseases unknowingly we are eating.

Why can't we come to our senses regarding these things? This is regulated freedom. If you won't follow this then you are going to have the misery. There is food poisoning and so many things, cholesterol and this and that. That and that and these and these.

I don't mean that vegetarians don't suffer but the ratio of suffering is more in the meat-eaters than the vegetarians.

Our teeth are not suitable for chewing the meat. We cannot kill our prey. If I want to kill a cow, i cannot kill the cow with my teeth. We have to use the choppers. That shows us that food is not suitable for our intestines. Our teeth set are only to chew the vegetables. They are not suitable for the consumption of meat. That is the regulated freedom that we should not touch meat, fish and eggs.

That is our first regulation. This is the regulated freedom we have for the enjoyment of the food. Definetely as I told you we cannot avoid consuming food. Can you? How long? A day or two maybe. But we have to have something. We cannot manage for long time.
We must have but there is a regulated freedom.

Sanity is to obey the laws of nature. I mean to say laws of God to have a healthy life. That goes without saying.

We were in Ethopia and there was an Ethopian king. In Ethopia they follow the orthodox Christanity. Very nice way. That king was vegetarian that time and he survived nearly 102 years, even then after 102 years, he was murdered. Otherwise do not know really he must have survived more. Survival or no survival but he was satisfied that he followed the laws of God.

We have read that in Christanity also there is a very nice presentation. I do not know from which society, some, but they had translated Bible from the Aramic language, from Tibet. That old copy was preserved in Tibetan monastery, from there they had translated and the whole thing was like, vegetarianism was the main thing, main instruction they had.

When we start tampering our scriptures then the misguidance is bound to be there. Otherwise the instuctions, essence of all the faith is same.

The animal which is also having life. Eating, sleeping, mating and defending. Everything is in animal. Animal eats, animal sleeps, animal defends, animal mates. Everything is there. How can we deny the soul in the animal? Who gives us right to kill that poor dumb animal?

If you do that then the reaction is there. So many people died in famine or crash or earthquakes or draught or whatever. So many things are going on, wars. Now recently the whole population was wiped off in one month. How many people died? Why is this so?

It is nobody's fault but Krsna has His own arrangement to wipe out the sinful activities. This is how. Please! This regulated freedom must be followed and if sanity prevails then there will be happiness in the society. Insane society cannot be happy.

Please! Everything is there. Such a rich country is there. Here everything is in plenty. As I told you yesterday, we in England we pick up only one tissue paper, buy the box and pick up one tissue paper. Here Americans they pick up five. Always the extravagance is there. You have plenty of things, Krsna's mercy.

Why not come to our senses and follow the regulated life? Then miseries will be less. At the moment so many sickness around. You people know more than me how much sickness? The mental condition is completly gone because the regulated freedom we are not following and we think that eating means I can put anything.

Is it a godown? More than godown is it a cemetery for animals? If the animal is dead, should be buried in a cemetery isn't it? Is your stomach cemetery? Please! Ask these questions and try to find out the root of it and try to organise your eating. That is dukha yonaya evathe. Then you can avoid bit of misery.

Even then you will be miserable because ageing is there, nobody can avoid. You are ageing, I am ageing, everybody without exception. There is no exception for this ageing effect.

Here Bhagavatam again gives us a clue how to minimise the ageing. Ageing nobody can stop but we can definitely minimise by following the peaceful activities, God conscious activities. We can reduce the age.

It is very nicely said that ayuh harati vai pumsham. ayuh means our own life, harati means decreases, vai means definitely. Everybody's life is decreasing. How? udyam astam ca yan asau - by rising of the sun and by the setting of the sun, the day is gone.

America is a very nice country. Do we not decrease our days? Is there any living entity who can increase here? No! No Exception. Everybody has to decrease. As soon as the sun sets one day is gone. And how many times the sun has set already in our life? How many days have gone? And they are gone, never to come back. These days gone are gone forever.

Please! Remember this. Here Bhagavatam shows the sanatan religion, eternal religion, shows the way out of it if you don't want to decrease your life or you want to slow the process of ageing.

Then He gives the formula tasya rthe - there is one exception to this He says. And what is that exception? Kshanam neetha - every moment should be utilised. uttama sloka vartaya - in the discussion about God, Krsna. Then you will not decrease.

I see,so many times I have seen you. You look younger and younger. What's there? What medicine you are taking?

Devotee : Hari katha.

Gurudev: Hari katha ( laughs). Some pastimes of Krsna, Lord. And if you engage in this definitely your mind will be pacified and our health depends on the condition of our mind. First mind goes wrong and then the health follows.

Mind will definitely go wrong if you break the instructions of God. That is definite. This is only, we are discussing eating.

Sleeping also has to be regulated. Again it is a nice touch. Cushy bed and cushy quilt and raining and cold. Very nice place to sleep. ( laughs).

Those who are condemned, living entities, they are sent to Minneapolis. ( laughs). Always cold.
Everything, whatever is available in hell is available in Minneapolis. Dark, rainy, damp, cold, no sun. That is the hellish condition. Minneapolis is hell and we are dying to come to Minneapolis ( laughs)
Again after coming here we do not know the laws of God. Isn't it? Forget about the God. He says ' I am sleeping'

The medical science has proved that if you keep yourself awake after 9'clock at night, your blood burns. If you sleep after 4'clock in the morning, cough increases. Both of these things we are doing. We are burning our blood at night and in the morning we are increasing the cough. Then no remedy, SARS - Respiratory trouble. ( laughs). There is no cure.

Please! Please! Please! We are unneccarily victimised by these things by our own foolishness. This is dukhayonaya evathe.

In no faith it is insisted that you cross the limit of the God's instructions. If you cross the limit you are nowhere. As it is the material life is miserable. We make it more miserable by our sinful attitudes.

How are we going to improve our standard? I don't know. Our standards don't depend on the artificial standards. Artificial standard of living is no living at all. We are depending on so many things.

Simplicity is completely absent and just to survive in this house also we have so much to maintain and so much to expect. Running water must be there. Electricity must be there.

All these houses are wooden houses and live electricity wires are flowing in this house. How long does it take for Krsna to have a short circuit somewhere? Within no time we will be gone. Before you realise you are going to die, you will be burnt. The houses are wooden houses, inferno.

Such a precarious situation we have created under the name of advancement and this is the advancement. Please! Please! Come to the senses.

Try to find out the laws of God and try to find the limitations which He has given and please behave in that limitations if you want to be happy. That is all.

Otherwise dukhayonaya evathe, adi antavantam - all these things they have adi, beginning. They have end. This is how for temperory things we are running around so much and ignoring the eternal instructions of God.

We find out so many excuses, I can't follow this and I have to work and I have to do this and do that. This is only regarding the food we are talking.

Again with all the vegetarianism and everything, your intake must be very limited. Otherwise alright, koi hid is there, come on, come on, come on.
Purnendu is supplying, I am eating that's it ( laughs)
No! Purnendu is supplying but the stomach is yours.

It is only six inches. This again there is limitations. In six inches stomach how much you can stuff. There must be limitation isn't? There must be to a certain extent you take.
This is again there is a law. That please eat bit less then we will be healthy.

Once we were travelling to Calcutta from Bombay about five years ago. It was nearly thirty six hours journey. There were other people also with us. Every station they were eating something. We didn't eat anything. We had bought some bananas, oranges or something.

When Bombay was nearing they realised that we ate somuch and you didn't eat anything. I told them we had fruits. They said very nice but fruits is not a solid food. I told them we are going, we will take bath and take nice prasadam in the temple.

Yes! He said you are correct, those who eat they die. Those who don't eat they don't die. ( laughs).
He was very correct

Eat less and comfortable living will be there. The strain on the body will be less. This goes both ways.

The first thing is we don't have to touch the things which are not essential for our body. Dead bodies should never be put into mouth. Dead bodies should be completely avoided.

Have nice prasadam and that is also prasad we call it. Whatever we prepare rice or dal or vegetables or whatever, you please offer it to Krsna.

patram, pushpam, phalam , toyam - He has instructed again what has to be offered to Him and then you please request Him that You please take it and He is so very kind. He doesn't require anything from you.

Do you think that Krsna is starving without your chapathi. ( laughs)
He is the source of everything. His one of the names is Vishwambhar - He maintains all the universes. Is He waiting for your prasad. No! Because He is full. He takes prasad and returns everything to you.

Whatever we offer to Him, He doesn't consume. He consumes and He returns as it is. So merciful.

That is why our vedic traditions are that everything is offered to Krsna. This way we are completely comfortable.

The young boy is very comfortable when he goes with the father outside and he holds the finger of the father. He knows that now I am safe. He crosses the roads and everything. He is not afraid at all. The fear is not there.

Only the fear starts when he leaves the finger of the father. Then he is on his own. He doesn't know how to cross the road. He is baffled completely. Why? Because he left the finger of the father.

Please! Do anything and everything don't leave the finger of the Father. Our Father is very powerful. Always catch His finger and He will guide you. You will be fearless.

This vidhyeatma - regulated freedom activities will make you completely safe.

This is not only food but in all the activities we should be behaving like this. This is the only way. There is no other way.

You may try so many other ways, na anya gati - there is no other gati. There is no other way. You try to manufacture so many other ways that I will do like this, i will do like that and do like that.

Royal road is always one. Highway is one. Once you are driving on the highway, then you can close your eyes and drive. You will reach the destination. If we are going here and there and then we have to find out your own way.

This is how, stop these activity. Make human life very successful by following the regulated freedom and those who follow this style, prasadam adigacchati - they get the mercy of Krsna.

Every life should be regulated. Every type of sense enjoyment must be regulated.

There must be some place for the austerity in our life. We may call it penance or something. Austerity must be there.

We don't like to get up early in the morning but we have to force to get up. In all the species of existence we have slept, we have eaten, we have mated, we have produced children everywhere and now the same thing we are doing.

What is the difference between animal life and our life. Please! Try to recognise this. Here you are having higher intelligence. The higher intelligence should force us to understand what God is? Who we are? And what is the relationship between God and us? And please! Follow as soon as possible.

If you don't understand these things, do not worry. So much literature is with us. I would insist reading, to buy one small book written by Prabhupada and it will give you everything.

Your life is very busy in America but you can read some fifty, sixty pages of something and it will give you the whole idea. If you can touch Bhagavat Gita or Srimad Bhagavatam, nothing like that really or otherwise which ever scripture you are following please try to take the essence of the scripture.

Essence is same. The outer garb may be different here and there. This is how we should mould our life.

Life is meant for penance as Prthu maharaj says. This body is not meant for working hard but we have to work hard because the set up of the government economy, our condition is such that everybody has to work. Everybody has to work.

This house, they may have mortgage. By the time they clear the mortgage they may be old, so they may pass away or whatever. Then again their children have to inherit their property. So there is inheritance tax. Forty percent is what is in England. I don't know what is here? And they have to pay cash immediately. If they don't pay they have to vacate the house.

After vacating they have to find out their own houses. Father worked like a donkey for the whole life to free it again the sons also have to work like a donkey.

This was completely absent in the vedic culture. We had nice kings. They were known as saintly kings, rajarishi, and we were staying in a muslim kingdom when we were young with the whole big house and every year one rupee we had to pay the tax on the house.

We never had any idea of the mortgage installments. No! No system was there. Nothing was there, completely absent. You build the house, house is yours. Every year you may pay on the land or house one rupee or eight anna or whatever.

That too my father was very troublesome. That too we didn't have to go anywhere to pay. The clerk will come to collect one rupee. So every year he will come to our house. Father will see him coming from the window, yamraj is coming, he will tell us. ( laughs) Take one rupee he says.

Now in London, I don't know here, but in London they have started a new tax. Already there are so many taxes but this is a new one again. In the center of the city, they have marked the center area and any car passes through the center has to pay five pounds and toll tax is there.

If you are eighteen years old, just to stay on that island you have to pay nearly ten pounds per week. Then indirect taxes are there. In every commodity you pay the tax. Then again income tax is there. Then again social security is there. Again medical tax is there. How many taxes?

Can you survive in this and again in all these difficult circumstances our life is completely irregulated. That brings more misery. As it is from every corner we are in a miserable condition.

Atleast please from your busy day come half an hour and spare half an hour or so and please come to this side. Try to see what is the way out of it. Otherwise we will have chronic diseases.

When the ease is not there, these things will give you a bit of ease and because you don't have ease means you are diseased. Disease is nothing, it is absence of ease.

Absence of ease cannot be cured by any amount of tons of medicines. You may pour so many things into your mouth. How can you buy ease? If you want to have ease, you have to go to your Father.

The child will never be satisfied unless he is taken to father or mother. He is crying for father or mother. You may marry him or you may give him one million dollar. He will never be satisfied. You have to come to your father. Otherwise there is no ease.

Here, herein the modern medical system is completely barred. The other day we had to talk with somebody and he said, " are you having regular check-up". I told there is no need of check up. So he told, " No!No! Every year I have check up". I said, "Why? I am not feeling anything, why?"
"They may find out something you know." I told, "till I am alright why should I have check up."
Then they will find out something that after six months you will have a heart attack and we are scared. Oh! No! Doctor, now what should be done? You start to take medicine.

Please! Please! Don't be misguided till you are not feeling anything wrong. Atleast save yourself from these modern so many things. Otherwise by-pass and this pass and that pass and eventually pass. ( laughs)

The only thing is we want to have check-up when we are alright because we don't want to die. And death is certain. As certain as death, we call it. Definitely death is certain. Nobody can avoid it( laughs) so why should we? Be ready for death.

Your (to a devotee) father told today that he is dealing with the old people who are nearing death and he said that they are very brave, they face the death. They are never afraid of death. That's the way to face the death. Otherwise everybody has to go away. So why to hesitate. Sooner or later doesn't matter.

Nothing is going to stop here. All the planes are flying. So many pilots are working and daily they should be dying isn't it? Pilots, but even then the plane doesn't stop. One goes, another one comes, other one goes, another one comes.

Nothing stops here in this world without us. Please! Please! Those things which are fixed by Krsna, we cannot avoid them. Unnecessary don't get scared and don't be victimised by this so called modern arrangements. They are all clutches of Kaliyuga. They try to catch you somewhere.

The more simple you are, the more you are attached to the scriptures, the more you will be free. The more you are attached to these clutches you will be caught somewhere. Please! Please! Try to save yourself from these unwanted nets.

There is onlyone way that, when we become completely free. I was inthe hospital and I was very sick. So they put all the tubes, were here and they were feeding me and then here some more tube was there. I was completely tied like helpless, like this and then doctor came and he said, " you want to continue your treatment". I said " No" ( laughs).
"You are going to die", he said. So I told " you are not going to survive anyway" ( laughs).
I was not in my senses really but this some how or the other came out.( laughs) He said, " that's correct". ( laughs)
So I told " you please agree with me, I don't want your treatment"
Oh! He said, "this patient does not want to survive. He is going to die"
"Alright", he said " now take out all the tubes and everything" and within no time I was completely free. ( laughs)
Then I could sit on the bed because there were no tubes, no saline, nothing. I was very free. So he came, " how are you feeling?"
I told him, " see I denied your treatment, I am free" ( laughs) and really I proved. Otherwise I was completely tied like a prisoner you know( laughs)

Please! This is not exaggeration but that is how we are caught up. Oh! You want to survive? Arey! Yes I want to survive. Then more tubes. ( laughs). Please! Please! Everyone has to go. Those who are prepared for death, those who don't hesitate to die, they never die. Those who are not ready to die, they will definitely die.

Please! Then we take recourse to the things which are not needed. In these things we should have full faith, that if Krsna wishes we survive. If He wishes, anyway with all the tubes and everything you are going to die.

So why to have that? At the time of death would you like all tubes into your body? What are you going to? ( laughs).

Please! Please! Please! This is one of the arguments, not one of the suitable arguments but it is a fact. I many times tell that if you want to die please die in India, nobody will care( laughs). Atleast you will save yourself from refrigeration.( laughs).

You must be dead already, come on, burn him( laughs) or bury it or whatever. Nobody cares about you. That's nice death. After death atleast unneccasarily why should I go to refrigeration? ( laughs)

Please! Please! This is the fact and we are lunatics to follow this style. ( laughs) Sooner we stop this lunacy and come to God, it is very comfortable. Names of God are very comfortable.

Hare Krsna Hare Krsna Krsna Krsna Hare Hare Hare Ram Hare Ram, How bright these people are. They don't do anything, this man unneccasarily why are you chanting? ( laughs) How bright boys are there? They don't have any worry. Nothing to worry about. No illicit connections.

No illicit connections. That is the main thing you have to understand. This is rampant, it is rampant in this country. Iillict sex's life will kill you while surviving. Please avoid it for Krsna's sake.

There is a regulated freedom. You marry first. Association is nonsense. Doesn't have any sense. I am very pleased that our, our, Where is that rascal? ( Laughs)

Devotee : Here Maharaj.

Gurudev: He is here.( laughs) Timely they are getting married, that's nice.

Please! Please, avoid this nonsense under the name of the association. Don't give the dates. No dates. Forget about these dates. You can date with Krsna that I am coming at 4'o clock in the morning( laughs) and Krsna will be pleased. You can have hundred dates with Him, that I am coming in the afternoon. Come, He says. I am coming in the evening, Come!
I am not coming, then go and die( laughs)

Please! Please! The main difficulty is that the parents are not God conscious. They don't take care of their children. They themselves are astray.
We do not know who our real father is? We do not know who our real mother is?

We may be coming from the poor country but atleast we are proud that our real father and mother are there. Here it is impossible to track.

Please! This situation has got to be corrected. Those who are getting married now, they should decide once for all that marriage is only once and if they have children fortunately or unfortunately, they must give minimum, they should give to their children is the real mother and father. This is the minimum requirement for the children.

Are we animals that you produce and leave them? These are nonsenscial sense desire. As soon as you produce, it is your duty to take care of them. Why government should take care of your children? Or why anybody should take care?

Please! If you want to marry, here open your eyes and open your ears. It is only once for lifetime. It's austerity. It's not for sense gratification.

It's not a, patni means wife. It's not kama patni - not only for sense gratification. It's dharma patni, it's just to go to Krsna. The union is sanctified. It is one of the samskaras in our traditions and these samskaras are very pure.

As soon as a girl is married or a boy is married, then finished. There is no going here and there. Something goes wrong, somebody dies or something, they don't change the partner.

By changing the partners you are not going to be happy. Please! Carve these things in your mind and then you come together if Krsna wishes. If you don't come together, so far, so better because this is all animal life you are following.

Again regulated freedom, please try to learn from these devotees and elder ones. Take the shelter of the elder ones like father and mother, maybe church or whatever and try to learn from them how they are surviving.

Nice couples are here. Purnendu is here. He is married. Other couples are here. Our Anand is married. There are so many people here, married and they are going on very nicely. So please learn from them how to behave.

This is vrdhashrayam . This is needed. Unless you follow these things you will never have the opulenence. You may have sense gratification but that you had as a hog also.

What is your sense gratification? You produce only one child, hog in one go produces twelve children. Hog is much better. ( laughs)

Please don't have a hoggish life. This is regulated priniciple. If you do not come to your senses then as it is you will be consumed by so many diseases and so many things.

Then again modern development is there. Economic stability is not there. So many things are going on around us which are completely detremental to all these following, so please try to make severe efforts to follow correct line.

To follow the correct line you must assemble in the groups like this. Try to discuss the scriptures. Prabhupada is very much present in his books. He has given everything to you. Please repeat again and again and try to accept the essence for the good of your life.

Otherwise it will be less than an animal. You know donkey. Donkies are celebrated fool animal among the animals also. Even the horse knows that donkey is fool. Cow knows donkey is a fool but even that donkey, if you offer a beer glass, it will not touch. ( laughs) and beer glass comes on the way...bah!!! bap.....( Gurudev making sounds to express) .

Less than a donkey. Atleast be animal if not human beings. ( laughs) Please! Stop these nonsense. Gutter water anybody drinks? The more rotten the beer is, is best regarded, best. Why? Nice jal ( water) is given by Krsna, clear water is given. Why to go to this thing?

Our eating habits are irregular. Then the food which we cannot digest, we drink, we eat, so we have to have some other type of drinks to digest that. Even then the rotten meat does not get digested. It's not our food. Then we develop ulcers and so many types of other diseases in sense pleasure. So many things.

Please! Please! Please! How should I request you to come to the regulated life? I don't know really. I fail. I am from the generation where there was no irregulation, was there. All the marriages were very regular and sanctified. I did not understand the illicit connections till I came to London. Then only I knew that this is all jungle. ( laughs)

In our vaishnava community they were very straight forward. Everybody knew that the wife belongs to this man, wife is this wife, aunty is there, mother is there. So many relations are there. They were all very clean. Everybody was attracted to God.

God conscious life had so much impact on the society. That society was all very bright. No! No! Ineberties at all. No fighting. We will never utter the word divorce. That word was not uttered. What to talk of actual divorce? We didn't utter that. Society was very peaceful.

Very nice, such a big village we had, nearly one lakh population, hundred thousand. There was only one policeman. His duty was to bang the time you know. ( laughs) one' o clock, 2'o clock, dang !!dang!!
We didn't know more than that. I thought police duty is to bang. ( laughs) I didn't know that his duty was to bang the human beings. ( laughs)

Please! Such was a nice society. We want to revert back. Please! Enough of these nonsense. Come to your sense.

Please follow something. If you have any difficulty, the group is here already. Please increase this consciouness. Get together you elders. Please guide the younger ones.

Terry is it, where is Jimmy? Jimmy is not here? Jai!!! ( laughs) Now see they are surviving in the marriage. Ask them how they survive? Terry shows the way you know, I have heard( laughs)

Devotee : Jimmy prabhu is also here

Gurudev: Terry and Jimmy

Devotee : Jimmy prabhu gave me this( not clear)

Gurudev: so Jimmy you should tell us the secret you know.( laughs)

Devotee : Yes dear

Gurudev: what did he say? What is it?

Devotee : Yes dear

Gurudev: Yes dear ( laughs) successful marriage. ( laughs)

Devotee: He says Yes Dear ! And marriage is successful.

Gurudev: ( laughs) Somehow or other tolerance is there. Tolerance is the key word. Otherwise nothing survives. You tolerate each other and that is how the children become very happy.

Children want mother and father both. They like, and then they become mental. In your country everything is there but real mother and father are absent. So naturally the children are in a very poor shape and condition.

Please! Don't exploit the children under any condition particularly the girls. Girls should be protected always. Till they attain the age, should be protected by father. Once they attain the age, father and mother must help them to find out the partner. Look to the partner wether he is alright or not, then only marry them. Otherwise let them worship Krsna. That's the best way.
Don't throw them away and the male children also.

Please! Please! Please! Your culture,Our culture, human culture must improve. Must improve. For its all practical, otherwise even God's names will not help you really. The behaviour must improve.

On one side the behaviour should be completely sublime and then you are at ease and with that ease you please come to Krsna. Krsna will accept.

This is how please and in which ever condition you are, maybe you are not in a suitable condition. Then forget about other things and you please start chanting God's names.

God's names are equally powerful as God. They will help you in all circumstances. Don't tell them, now we have crossed, now we cannot do anything about our improvement.

No!No!No! Don't be nervous like that. Please start chanting.
Hare Krsna Hare Krsna Krsna Krsna Hare Hare Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare and it will definetely help. In any situation names will help.

Don't be discouraged please. Discouragement should be completely absent. Otherwise frustration will be there. Don't get frustrated. Please try to follow these things and Krsna will help you.

Jai Srila Prabhupada ki, jai!!!

Ask, have you any question? Yah!!

Devotee: Maharaj, there is a big business here that when a person dies even, they take this person and they put the smile and put all make-up, decorate them, very long process you know. So that when you go to the coffin they think Oh!!

Gurudev: It's very nice

Devotee: He has had a very nice

Gurudev: What is the use of decorating dead body? It's for our sense gratification that my father is smiling. For the whole lifetime he was crying and at death he is ( laughs) Man! Forget about these things. ( laughs)

Oh!! I don't know how to correct? But Prabhupada very kindly came here and has given mahamantra. Please start chanting and improve your condition.

Devotee: Hare Krsna Maharaj.

Gurudev: yes

Devotee: you know, you know if Krsna is really the Supreme Personality of Godhead.

Gurudev: Yes! Yes!

Devotee: Then when I call upon Him by chanting His holy names. Chanting Lord Caitanya's mahamantra 'Hare Krsna', you know. Then I should receive direction from Krsna in my life. Should I not? Should I receive direction from Krsna in my life just as I would if I prayed to God through the medium of the christian faith? Let's say, which I have experienced before, having direction in my life by praying to God before in christian faith. Should I recieve that kind of direction? Should I know God? Should I know Krsna as God?I mean if He is really is, truely is the Supreme Personality of Godhead then if I am calling His name Krsna, Krsna, Krsna, Krsna and if He is the Supreme Absolute Truth should He not give me direction in my life? and that

Gurudev: You told that, you got direction as a christian. As a christian you got direction. So why should you come to Krsna? Follow that direction.

Devotee: But I,but..

Gurudev: you told me that

Devotee: yes

Gurudev: that you got the direction from christian, Jesus or whatever.

Devotee: yes

Gurudev: so it is correct way. Why should you come to Krsna?

Devotee: Umm! Yah! Why should I come to Krsna if I had direction?

Gurudev: yah! Alright, it is the right way. See you could have continued the faith.

Devotee: continued the what?

Gurudev: your faith, your faith

Devotee: yes! Continued the christian faith. Ah!! Um!! Um!!

Gurudev: I fail to understand, you were already having the reciprocation.

Devotee: yes I did

Gurudev: so that is Krsna. So why should you come again to Krsna.

Devotee: so that, you would suggest that, say, the prayer, the faithes of christanity

Gurudev : whatever, whatever.

Devotee: yah!

Gurudev: Doesn't matter at all. If you are christian, be a good christian. We don't have to change your, we don't want to convert your religion. No! No! No! We never want that. You be a good, whatever you are. And good is not christian, good is not islam, good is not hindu, good is good and that is God.

God is God. God is not only Hare Krsna God. God is not only christian God. God is not only islam God. God is God, that's it. You had already realisations. So forget about all the other methods.

Devotee: Forget about the other method?

Gurudev: Definitely!

Devotee: the other methods? What other methods do you mean?

Gurudev: Any! Any! You are satisfied in your christian faith. You got the reciprocation. You got the direction. That's what we mean.

Devotee: see I am confused. Because...

Gurudev: No! Why to, why to confuse? It is straight way. There is no confusion. You are confusing me. ( laughs). You are very frank. You told me that you as a Christian....

Devotee: ya!

Gurudev: you had directions.

Devotee: ya!

Gurudev: so why to leave that direction? You are quiet happy.

Devotee: what you ask me why? I mean that was some years ago. I did leave that because, Um! I just searched, continued my searches

Gurudev: ya!

Devotee: what's all different kinds of faith.

Gurudev: but there was no need of that. When God was talking to you, He was giving the direction. What other faith can give you more than that? You had a direct connection with God. That's what you are telling me. That He was directly giving instructions. So what more you want from other faithes?

Devotee: well! Um! Umm!!

Gurudev:Umm! Umm! means gone, you are gone.

Devotee: shouldn't I expect....

Gurudev: Robert! I am sorry.

Robert: No! No!

Gurudev: you told me that you got the direction.

Robert: Yes! Yes! I got the direction.

Gurudev: stick to it

Devotee: so do you suggest that I go back to christanity?

Gurudev: backward or forward. There is no back or forward in spirituality.

Robert: Ah!

Gurudev: this duality is in the material world. In spiritual world there is no backward or forward. It is spiritual. Whatever you are, faith doesn't matter. Faith may change here and there. God is same. You also go to the church.

Robert: yes!

Gurudev: you also pray.

Robert: yes!

Gurudev: I also go to the temple, I also pray. My way is a bit different from your may be, seemingly, but it is all for one God. God is one without second. It doesn't matter what faith you go to.

You told that you already got reciprocation and that you were quiet happy to get the directions. So there was no need of it. There was no need. You are good christian, please don't kill anybody. That's it( laughs).

Thou shall not kill, you know. Don't harm anybody. We should treat everybody as our...

What is it?

Devotee: brother

Gurudev: brother, ya! Some commandment is there, that we should not harm you know.

Devotee: do unto others as you would have others to do unto you.

Gurudev: ya! That's it. This is, this Krsna.

Robert: so Maharaj, so like if I chant Hare Krsna, so we chant Hare Krsna should I not recieve that same direction as I, should I not get from a prayer like that..God

Gurudev: that I am suprised, why you are not getting?

Robert: why am I not getting?

Gurudev: umm!!

Robert: I don't know, that's why I am asking?

Gurudev: No!No! No! You can't ask me.

Robert: yah!!

Gurudev: you should ask yourself.

Robert: yah!

Gurudev: as Christian you were getting.

Robert: yes!

Gurudev: so you should be satisfied. I am getting from Hare Krsna. I am satisfied. So how can I pass that to you? I mean to say the sincerity of approach, you already had and the same sincerity I am instructing to have. So if you have already, you have. It doesn't matter if it is christian faith or hindu faith or whatever faith.

This is eternal. Soul has to have some connection with the Supreme soul. See this light, it is shining here because it is through meter. The wires are connected to the powerhouse. Isn't it?

In christian's house also the light will be shining. In musalman's house also it will be shining. In my house also it is shining. Light is neither christian, nor muslim nor hindu nor nothing, Hare Krsna or anything.

Light is light. Why? Because it is connected to the power house. We living entities, some how or other if we are connected to the powerhouse, we should get the receprocation.

It doesn't matter what you follow. That's why our swamiji was very clear about this, that I am trying to propogate God consciouness.

God is correctly known according to our scriptures as Krsna. We are following that name. But it doesn't matter what name you follow. God has millions of names and we don't want any conversions at all.

We want you to uplift yourself and improve the quality of your life. That is our request. As a christian also you have to uplift.

Who? Murali tells, our Murali from Yogaslavia, he had, once he visited christian community in Yogaslavia. Even now, today their community is there and they have seven hundred acres of land. They are completely cut of from the modern world. They are very satisfied.

Big, Big, directors and engineers and doctors, they are there. They put on shorts. They till the land. They grow themselves. They have very simple life. No electricity is there and they are very happy in their concord.

In christians also if I don't mistake, there were Asins. Asins were as austere as our sages. Roots are all same. Roots are very same.

Vedic culture means it is coming from God. Nobody can write a scripture like Bhagavad Gita or Bhagavatam or Bible. I didn't study much but I am sure that it is not written by human beings.

Human being is always fraught with four defects. They cheat each other. That is definite. They have imperfect senses. Our senses are not perfect.

My eyes are imperfect. I can't see what is beyond the wall or even if the wall is not there I can only see for 100 feet, I can't see, more than that I can't see.
I may lose my sight. All the senses are imperfect.

Cheating propensity is there and always we are illusioned. I don't know what is true, what is wrong. These are all defects.

With all the defective life I cannot write a single word about spirituality. That's why these scriptures are bhagavat pranitam - they are coming direct from God. That is why we get light from it. Otherwise we can't.

Powerhouse is completely separate but the wires are connecting. We should also be some how or the other connected to the Supreme Power and from that power we get the power daily.

That is why we get up at 4'o clock daily in the morning to renew your connection. We have to maintain the connection isn't it? Otherwise wires may get rotten. So every time they have to look to it that the connections are alright. Then only the lights will glow.

Otherwise without the connection this light will look, the bulb will look as a bulb but it won't have the bulb's potency. It must be connected to have the potency.

As it is human beings may look like human beings but without the connection of God, they look like human being, there is no potency. Please! In order to have potency we must have this connection.

It does not matter what way you follow but we have to have the connection. This is the main point.

Devotee: ( not clear), what name you know, call God by that name. You have a personal relationship. Name is the personal relationship.

Gurudev: ya! That's it.

Devotee : any name, bonafide name

Gurudev: and...

Devotee: we can have the relation, you will have reciprocation, what ever is comfortable for you

Gurudev: ya!!!that's it, that's it. There is nothing to worry about.

Robert, please keep on coming and chant Hare Krsna and just be with it, what ever is your preference for the name. ( laughs).

Robert: Hare Krsna Maharaj

Gurudev: we call so many names ( not clear). Hare Krsna!!
You don't utter Ram's name that is why the problem ( laughs)

Hare Krsna Hare Krsna Krsna Krsna Hare Hare Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare.

Your name is Robert. But if I call you half name ' rob', rob, rob, then the meaning changes you know (laughs)
Rob means robber ( laughs) so you will not reciprocate then.

My name is not robber, but Robert.
Krsna is also upset if His full name is not called ( laughs)

So nice Robert, you are very nice devotee. Don't give in to these doubts. Please!! ( laughs)

Jai!! Any other thing. So nice you know.

Jai!! Srila Prabhupada ki! Jai!!!

Devotee: jai Srila Mahavishnu Goswami Gurudev ki jai!!

Gurudev: jai!!!

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