Wedding Dreams: A Complete Dream Interpretation | Spirit Restoration (2023)

To have and to hold, ‘til death do us part— wait, you just put on your pajamas, and now you’re getting married? With a crooked smile, you accepted each greeting— not knowing how you got into this situation— especially with a stranger.

Dreams about getting married are more than your simple desire to fall in love and commit yourself to another person. Weddings are significant representations of life events that manifest in your subconscious— whether you want to get married or not.

The meaning behind your wedding dreams reflects everything from anxieties about your past life events to your anticipation of the future. These dreams can change your fate for the better or provide you the clue to the questions you have in your waking life.

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What do Wedding Dreams Mean?

According to Sleep Matters Club, wedding dreams can have various meanings depending on the person who had them. Not everyone has the same views about marriage; that’s why it varies from person to person.

Dreaming about getting married have commonly nothing to do about your romantic life. Instead, they are about growth in your life’s different aspects, such as business, personal development, or career.

On the other hand, Layne Dalfen explained that people getting married could have anxiety and recurring dreams about their big day. Any dream about a wedding is related to a certain level of pressure you’re experiencing.

You may have great anticipation and expectation of perfection for a wedding, and thus, your anxieties manifest themselves in your dreams.

The Spiritual Meaning of Getting Married in Your Dream

Wedding dreams can be a positive or negative experience for the dreamer. But most of the time, they mirror your subconscious and your life situation.

Dreaming about your wedding could also signify a change in your life. You might be going through a significant transition and looking forward to a new life adventure.

It also reflects your desire to start a new chapter or plan a large event involving many people. You are preparing for change coming your way and are ready for commitment and stability.

If you’re already married, this dream signals that you need to make some changes and decisions in your life.

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If you’re single, a wedding dream can indicate your preparedness for commitment, whether in romantic relationships or a goal you want to pursue.

If you’re already married and your marriage doesn’t last, it’s a sign that a person is causing too much stress and trouble in your life. Alternatively, it might be suggesting that you have difficulty socializing and you have to find ways how you’ll work in this one.

Whatever your status is, dreaming about your wedding indicates that you are ready for change.

The Biblical Meaning of Wedding Dreams

In the bible, marriage is about commitment. For some, a wedding could symbolize coming to know God or deciding to follow Jesus Christ.

For those who already have a connection with God, dreaming about getting married can signify recommitment or establishing a deeper level of connection and oneness with Him.

Wedding Dream Scenarios and Their Meaning

While thinking of tying the knot is the most obvious wedding dream meaning, it’s not necessarily that straightforward. Your dream has more to tell you about yourself and your subconscious. Here are various wedding dreams scenario decoded for you!

Getting married.

According to Miller’s Guild, if you dream about getting married, it could signify a time of great happiness, especially in your romantic life. This dream is welcome if you have long wished to experience your wedding and marry the person you love.

For Sleep Matters Club, dreams about getting married are about commitment and unity. They are also said to be harbingers of great opportunities or an omen that a new partner is knocking at your door.

On the other hand, being married to another person in your dream while you are already married in real life can indicate that you are not happy with your marriage, as explained by The Pleasant Dreams.

Or if you’re marrying your partner again, it means you are reminiscing about your most special day with them and are grateful for having them in your life.

Getting married to a stranger.

It can be unsettling to be married to someone you do not know. Recurring dreams about getting married to a stranger indicate that you have persistent negative thoughts. It’s as if you’ve been put in a situation you would rather not be in and is being pushed against your will.

However, if you feel comfortable and happy getting married to a stranger, it means that you are discovering your inner strengths and qualities.

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Dreaming about your wedding day.

For those who are getting married, wedding day dreams are common. These dreams are related to your real-life wedding planning process.

As a groom- or bride-to-be, you want your big day to be perfect, and you might be contemplating the new change that will happen in your life.

You might be anxious and pressured, and your subconscious manifests these emotions as dreams.

Getting married when you’re single.

Marriage is all about two individuals committing themselves to each other. Getting married in your dream represents your role in an activity or life aspect you have decided to commit yourself to.

It could be a responsibility, a career choice, or a resolution you want to accomplish. This dream asks if you can commit yourself for a long time.

Attending someone’s wedding.

According to Mind Body Green, attending someone else’s wedding in a dream means you might be compelled to support this person in your waking life.

But this dream can have a more literal meaning if you have a friend getting married, according to Lauri Quinn Loewenberg.

But if not, your subconscious encourages you to support this person with whatever they’re committing to.

A royal wedding.

A royal wedding can signify growing self-confidence. It can also be a good omen of joy, youth, and celebration, especially if children are present in the dream.

Dreams Directory, on the other hand, explains that you are looking at things from a spiritual angle. You might feel that all eyes are on you, and you’re prepared to present yourself confidently.

Getting married to your ex.

Don’t fret when you have this dream. Despite its plotline, this dream mostly has a positive meaning.

Getting married to your ex means you’re ready to move ahead with your present. This may be because you have found the right one or have already made peace with your past relationship.


A wedding dress.

Seeing or trying on a wedding dress holds many metaphorical meanings. This dream might signal your success in rising to a new level of professionality, acing an important exam, or moving closer to success.

Getting married in secrecy.

Secretly getting married in your dream indicates that you have been careless with your past actions and might have hurt feelings.

You thought no one minds, but people are raising eyebrows about your behavior. Your dream reminds you to be mindful of your actions and be respectful to others.

Getting married by force.

Getting married against your will in a dream means some people in your circle are restricting your happiness.

You are sacrificing your happiness and inner peace for others’ happiness, and you’ll be the one to suffer from the consequences.

To prevent this from happening, create boundaries in your relationships and prioritize yourself first.

Your hen night.

Having your hen night in a dream symbolizes great social times ahead. It could also mean that some negativities will appear in life.

You might be trying to achieve a goal but don’t know what you want. Ensure to have clear goals first to have direction.

A stag night.

Stag nights in dreams indicate secrets in life. A group of men in your dream signify that you’re looking at emotional issues in your waking life. It’s important to embrace a positive mind in situations involving your emotions.

A white wedding.

White weddings bring positive omens. Seeing a bride in a white wedding dress in your dream indicates the happiness you’ll find as you go forward.

You’ll face challenges with a smile and see them as learning opportunities. You’re optimistic, and this trait will bring you to greater heights.

A wedding veil.

A wedding veil seen in a dream represents your desire to build a beautiful life with somebody.

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The veil could also mirror your hidden emotions or anxiousness about the future. The answer here is to trust your fate and abilities. Things will turn out for the best.

Running away from your wedding.

Running away from your wedding mirrors the commitments and bitter truths you have previously avoided and denied.

Your dream is reminding you that you cannot escape the truth. Facing your life issues is the only way out.

Canceling your marriage.

Dreaming about a marriage cancellation is not a good omen. It signifies that you’re careless about your actions and inappropriately behave in your waking life.

Your actions can hurt other people. Remember to be always mindful of your actions and decisions.

Dead people at your wedding.

Seeing your departed relatives attending your wedding warns you of big life decisions you will have to make in the future. Take your time in making decisions because it will affect your life in the long term.

Becoming a wedding planner.

If you have been living carefree for a long time, this dream informs you that your butterfly days are about to end.

Becoming a wedding planner in your dream means that you have to take careful and thoughtful actions. You will be meticulous in your plans and will reach your objectives.

As life takes a serious turn, you will dedicate more time to reshaping and establishing your professional life. But, of course, do not forsake your inner child.


Something old, something new, something borrowed— a better you? Wedding dreams can be bliss or nightmare, depending on the person.

Marriage is all about commitment, loyalty, and sacrifices. Similar to your life, you can only create the life you want if you decide to commit and make the right sacrifices for your dreams.

Sometimes dreams are straightforward, but often, they’re so bizarre and need much decoding. Like any other type of dream, your wedding dreams can be messages from your subconscious to inform you of your well-being. Using this information to your advantage is up to you.


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